Tuesday, April 13, 2021

At TMF Group, we believe that Human Resources is an important asset in the company, which is why our daily operations are always people-centered. We believe that for our business to grow, we need “great people” which is why we promote the One TMF Collaborative Culture that outlines our values. We have a team of experts who guides our employees and shapes our global approach.


To instill organizational culture, reinforce values and re-engage employees, a multi-pronged approach was initiated during the past 12 months. Views from 400 employees were sought and after deliberations with focus groups, a company purpose was developed to give everyone a reason for being (la raison d’etre).

To further drive home the meaning of the purpose at the employee level, we ran a 24-hour internal event across the globe (managed out of London, Kuala Lumpur and Miami) covering some 13 offices and involving 500 employees, starting in Sydney and ending in San Jose, Costa Rica.

We also engaged our global brand ambassador Pierluigi Collina to talk about the company’s direction and purpose. The local and regional leadership amplified the message with various townhalls and talks.

On a day to day basis to inculcate a spirit of teamwork, the company organises activities via its Sports Club such as badminton sessions, quarterly birthday celebrations, bowling sessions, movie nights, festival celebrations, festive best dress competitions, even a Korea Spicy Noodle Challenge, Amazing Race, Family Day and Fruit Day on every first Monday of the month.

TMF Group is also committed in CSR activities. In line with this, we have taken part in activities such as the Desa Parkcity Charity Run (to support an orphanage and children with special needs) and Pink Wig-A-Thon (in support of cancer survivors).


To showcase and reward excellence amongst employees, we created the TMF Group Everyday Heroes Campaign as a recognition for great client service by employees worldwide. 5 Heroes were rewarded with a trip to London and their stories on their successes showcased to all.


To ensure we provide competitive benefits to our employees, we have put in place several incentive packages over the past year. These include global benefits across the Group. A team has been set up in London and within the respective regions to implement this. Under this program, the company aims to pay a salary of between 90% and 110% of the market median for good performers. The company uses data from a leading provider of compensation data globally to benchmark our salary schemes. Information from local salary surveys are also used where applicable. In Malaysia, we further engaged an external consultancy firm to benchmark the salary scheme.

To bring consistency, transparency and fairness to our group-wide policies, we have introduced the Mobility Policy where all open positions are offered to employees within the Group from anywhere in the world. We also have a centralized bonus system to ensure fairness for employees in every country.

We constantly introduce new sales plans and review existing ones. Awards are given to front-line sales professionals who have meet their targets. In 2017, the company introduced a Sales Incentive Plan for front-line sales professionals to recognize their Total Contract Value and drive In-Year Revenue.


We undertake an annual staff survey after which we conduct focus groups to better understand their needs. The findings are submitted to the Management for action. In Malaysia, we have made six improvements to our benefits packages since 1 January 2018 following feedback. These cover outpatient medical benefits, dental/ optical/ medical check-ups, mileage claims, meal expenses claims, maternity leave, and education assistance programs.


Staggered working hours was introduced where employees can arrange their own work schedule to enable them to attend to their family as well as completing company’s deliverables. A work from home policy (subject to the manager’s approval) has also been introduced.


We hired a Global Social Media Executive in Malaysia to work together with the Global Recruitment Team and Marketing in our social media branding. Our Employer Branding initiatives include ensuring consistency in promoting our jobs and career events at universities, via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Other campaigns include TMF Group values and family values, Women at TMF Group and Leadership Visibility Programs and engaging all TMF Group employees to give their comments, questions and reviews on social media and portals.