Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Aspire Lifestyles (www.aspirelifestyles.com), co-headquartered in Jersey City and Singapore, is a leading global B2B luxury benefit solution and personal assistance provider. Aspire Lifestyles’ parent company is International SOS, the world’s leading medical and travel security risk services company. Aspire Lifestyles Taiwan first established its Taiwan office in 1994.

Aspire Lifestyles’ wide range of custom-built programs are designed to effectively engage our clients’ affluent customers by providing them whatever they need, whenever they need it, wherever they are in the world. We quite literally do whatever it takes to deliver this promise all around the world: to millions of people, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Aspire Lifestyles comprises over 1,800 staff, speaking 99 languages, across our 24 centres, in 21 countries. Each of our centres houses the range of expertise necessary to ensure our clients receive optimal value from our products and services.

Our values – Passion, Innovation, Trust, Client Focus can best describe how Aspire Lifestyles employees behave. They allow each person to contribute and shine to the best of their ability and make a difference to the lives of the people we serve.

We work with passion, dedication and teamwork to create extraordinary brand experiences for our customers and lasting results for our clients.

We are forward-thinking and creative in our solutions, always striving to be the best-in-class.

We take pride in being a trusted partner, a confidante our clients can rely on to protect and grow their most valuable assets – their customers and their brand.

Client Focus
We listen to our clients and their customers with an unwavering focus on delivering solutions that truly enhance and differentiate their brands.
None of our competitors can offer the same wide range of services and solutions, as are available under one roof at Aspire Lifestyles. Our core values differentiate us and enable us to offer market leading and highest quality range of services.

Innovation is a value that customers consistently report, where we have an extreme advantage and differentiation from any other service provider in the sector. This is something we have built over the years, can be very proud of and continue to nurture.

Caring people and community
With the mission of championing and promoting the duty of care to all companies’ employees around the world, Aspire Lifestyles helps ensure a safer working environment, which acts as a strong motivator for our own employees. The value of Caring has been rooted in the center of the company since the first day it was established. We prepare our employees for travel and support whilst they are in unfamiliar and remote locations. We not only save the lives of our customers, but also ensure the best protection to our employees.

In Taiwan, we designed a series of people caring initiatives, including free Annual Staff Health Check-ups, free Staff Influenza vaccine injections, employee recognitions, and awards (Quarterly and Annual Service Star and Long Service Employee) which successfully add to the flavor of fun, caring and sense of belonging in the workplace.

We also extend our duty of care to employees who have left. For example, in April of this year, we received a burn accident report in South America that affected a former colleague. We not only brought him home but also initiated donations from internal colleagues to give them complete assistance. This is an example to illustrate that one day, employees of Aspire Lifestyles will practice our caring spirit for life.

Other than caring for people in the workplace, we never hold back in extending our care to the communities where we live and work. Our CSR program is aligned with our global CSR theme, to support the target group of people through regular support or engagement. In Taiwan, we support mentally disabled farmers via purchasing flowers weekly. Our doctors and nurses also help provide first add training to the volunteers who can get the certificate for free. Volunteers with the first aid certificate can rescue others’ lives anytime and anywhere.

Building a cohesive, engaged and enabled workforce
With a local workforce of around 60 people in Taiwan, all our staff join us with bilingual ability that enable them to collaborate with colleagues in other countries to provide quality of service to our clients. The Taiwan leadership team has initiated many activities to make leadership accessible and build up an open communication culture, which is able to facilitate effective collaboration in the fast-paced working environment, while still embracing each and everyone’s unique qualities.

  • The Green Team Academy is to provide new joiners with an open communication channel to Long Service staff and the Senior Leadership team, to enable newcomers to fit into their new role effectively and to give a refresher to long service staff.
  • Quarterly Birthday and Seasonal Festival Celebration is a time for employees to vividly share information among each other and enjoy the fun moment together.
  • Better than Taiwanese average annual company employee benefits include 15 days full paid sick leave, 14 to 37 days of annual leave, free employee outings, and Family Day.
  • Town Hall meetings are regular communication sessions to share with staff the business direction, results, change and recognition.

These transparent and authentic dialogues not only create a healthy loop for continuous improvement, but it also moves our aspirations forward: becoming the best company to work for in Taiwan.

Letting your talent shine
At Aspire Lifestyles, we celebrate differences on a global scale. Our Concierge Consultants are recruited from luxury services and hospitality industries. Each has been chosen based on their experience, professionalism, proven passions, and understanding of the local affluent segment.

Aspire Lifestyles’ Medical, Wellness and Security products were built with our high net worth end-users in mind. These are delivered by highly trained doctors and nurses, certified practitioners, multi-lingual coordinators, security experts, and logistics experts. This global team is highly adept at handling the most complex and challenging medical and security cases.

In addition to their training, they’ve all come to Aspire Lifestyles with deep hands-on experience in their respective fields. On call around the clock and across the globe, our experts have a track record of success making real-time decisions that are always in the best interests of the customer and our client.

We also set up talent review committees comprising senior management from different functions to proactively review and chart the development of potential talent. And when the time is right, we will bring our potential to the next level with the vast network of internal opportunities across the globe.