Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Bristol-Myers Squibb (Taiwan) is committed to safeguarding patients’ wellbeing, focusing on innovation and people development, and developing an “aim high” and socially responsible corporate culture.

Bristol-Myers Squibb has been established for over 140 years globally. In 1878, the parent company of Bristol-Myers Corp., was established in the US. In 1989, Bristol-Myers merged with Squibb Inc., also one of the oldest and most distinguished enterprises in the American pharmaceutical industry, to become today’s Bristol-Myers Squibb Ltd.

During its 53 years of doing business in Taiwan, BMS Taiwan has spearheaded the introduction of cutting-edge medicine into this market for the treatment of serious ailments such as breast cancer, lung cancer, and cardiovascular diseases, as well as various antibiotics, medical devices, and OTC drugs. In the past decade, BMS Taiwan remains devoted to developing and providing innovative medicines for serious diseases, such as hepatitis B and C, rheumatoid arthritis and other immune related diseases, leukemia and cancer, the latter via the highly anticipated immune-oncology drugs. Today, BMS is among the top 12 pharmaceutical companies in Taiwan.

As a leading biopharmaceutical company, BMS Taiwan regards its mission as improving patients’ wellbeing and measures its success according to how well that mission is achieved. Our colleagues strive to help patients to prevail in their fight against serious diseases. Our team is dedicated to developing and marketing innovative medicines that save lives and improve the quality of life for patients.

Cultivating talent and innovation are the reasons for BMS Taiwan’s longstanding record of success. For people development, inspiring, challenging and rewarding work are the key elements. In addition, we welcome and encourage diversity in our workforce. Around 50% of our employees are millennials, and the average age of our leadership team is 41 years old. As a result, BMS Taiwan is full of passion and vitality.

BMS Taiwan provides employees with excellent professional training, a flexible, innovative culture, multisource performance evaluation, flexible working environment to their work. The company also provides employees with broad experiences by rotating them through various roles in the organization, even in roles across countries to enhance the ability of talents.

We encourage our people to take ownership of the company. Employees can provide organizational feedback and suggestions through 4 platforms, BIO (Bold, Innovation and wOrkable), Innovation Corner, E inbox, and TriGo (“Speak Up” in Taiwanese dialect), on company issues such as business development strategy, operation approach, and cross-functional collaboration.

We deeply care about the work-life balance of our employees. BMS Taiwan not only sponsors employees to establish clubs for sports, dancing, cooking, board games etc., but also provides e-gaming facilities and meditation area so our colleagues can recharge themselves after work.

BMS Taiwan is committed to invest in scientifically rigorous biopharmaceutical research and development and to develop innovative and high-quality drugs that address the unmet medical needs of critically ill patients. Besides its existing portfolio of drugs, BMS is preparing to bring to Taiwan a number of new medications that are currently under development, including therapies for different cancer types such as liver and lung, for fibrosis of the lung and liver, and for cardiac diseases such as heart failure.

In recent years, in recognition of the high quality of Taiwan’s medical professionals, hospitals, and national healthcare system, BMS has carried out many clinical trials in Taiwan, including early phase clinical trials for new drugs, especially in hepatitis and liver cancer. In 2017, doctors at National Taiwan University Hospital collaborated with BMS Taiwan on a First in Human (FIH) clinical trial for liver cancer. Our concrete actions demonstrate our commitment to support the Taiwan government’s public health policy to eliminate hepatitis and combat against liver cancer.

Corporate social responsibility is a key tenet in our company culture. We conduct “Patient Week” every year. Through these activities, our colleagues share their personal experience on supporting patients to show the value of our work. We conduct different CSR activities each year, such as patient support programs and patients’ family support programs. Environmental protection is also one of our focus areas.

After more than half a century in Taiwan, BMS is deeply rooted in this market. We look back with a sense of achievement on the contributions we’ve made to the health of the Taiwanese public over the decades. We will continually focus on improving patients’ lives as the core value of the company. We encourage our people, who have enthusiasm, vitality and devotion, to leverage innovative approaches in contributing to society and improving patients’ lives in Taiwan.