Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Cathay Hospitality Management is the latest business entity of Cathay Real Estate under LinYuan Group. Established in 2012, Cathay Hospitality Management launched its first private brand HOTEL COZZI in 2013– a metropolitan hotel with cozy rooms. In 2014, it unveiled MADISON TAIPEI HOTEL, an urban boutique hotel that has received numerous accolades and awards both local and abroad in the past four years. In fact, MADISON TAIPEI HOTEL is featured in the “Recommended Hotels List” of the Michelin Guide Taipei 2018. The core businesses of Cathay Hospitality Management include hotel construction, management and brand development. In addition to the private brands, it will be introducing the renowned international chain hotel brand Courtyard by Marriott, scheduled to open at the end of 2018. Moreover, in collaboration with Japan’s Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Cathay Hospitality Management plans to bring forth Taiwan’s first aquarium-themed hotel.

In a mere timespan of five years, Cathay Hospitality Management has founded five chain hotels and two cafés in Taiwan. Through multi-brand business development, we vow to become the first choice hospitality lodging for our guests, employees, business partners and owners. Alongside continuing effort in hotel expansion, Cathay Hospitality Management strives to develop its expertise in hotel management consultancy.

At Cathay Hospitality Management, in order to forge deeper connections with our customers, we encourage all employees to keep up with the times, expand their horizons, and engage in continuous improvement, innovation and growth. We uphold the core values of “Change, Creative, Connection” in every aspect of human resource management. Whether it is selection, employment, development or retention of talents, we implement various activities and programs to maximize our talents. Ultimately, we aspire to become an exemplary leader in the hospitality industry.

Cathay Hospitality Management is on a mission to cultivate excellent and passionate hotel industry talents. We have continuously refined our employee training programs at all levels as well as talent development programs. Through internal and external systematic training programs, we strive to hone our employees’ management skills, deepen understanding of brand values, impart professional service skills, and stimulate their capacity for innovative thinking and effective implementation.
Training courses and activities include:

  • Strategy Camp for Mid and Senior Level Management
  • Business Elite & Future Leaders Development Program
  • Junior Management Training Program
  • Brand Ambassador and Train the Trainer Program
  • General Education Courses
  • External Training Programs
  • Employee Talent Competition
  • Intern Recruitment and Development

Like its parent company LinYuan Group, Cathay Hospitality Management endeavors to create a diverse and open work environment. Coinciding with the brand experience we bring forth our customers, we make employees feel at home by sharing with, listening to and learning from each other.

Through quality welfare measures and benefits, Cathay Hospitality Management provides a healthy environment that enables employees to achieve work-life balance. Cathay Hospitality Management provides employees with nutritious staff meals, staff uniforms and free uniform cleaning services. To spur interaction and solidarity, we regularly hold birthday celebrations, hiking events, company-wide employee assembly, recognition and promotion of outstanding staff, staff retreats, and New Year celebration. In addition, we actively listen to our employees and periodically conduct a survey of their satisfaction with the company, whether it is work-related, job rewards and remuneration, work environment, or corporate culture. Through employee feedback, employees’ voices are heard and the company can devise ways to improve, which further consolidates the bond between the employees and the company.

Corporate culture is the core spirit of a company that drives sustainable growth and development. Cathay Hospitality Management is ahead of its peers in terms of forward thinking. In 2018, we began to actively promote corporate culture via the motto “Think Big and Expand Your Horizons”. Through corporate image videos, electronic publications, personal interview, charity events, promotion of workplace etiquette and much more, we have successfully strengthened our corporate brand, motivated employees to identify with our corporate culture and instilled a sense of belongingness among them.