Tuesday, April 13, 2021


CTBC Bank Co., Ltd., established in 1966, continues to uphold its brand spirit of “We are family”, corporate mission of “Protect and Build”, and its brand features of “Caring, Professional, and Trustworthy” as we strive to strengthen corporate governance, fulfill corporate social responsibility, and create values for customers, employees, shareholders, and society as a whole.

Our talents are the most precious assets of CTBC. We regard each of our employees as family members and are committed to caring for them and their families. We aim to achieve a happy company which pays attention to “Physical and Mental Happiness”, “Live Happiness” and “Career Happiness”. Therefore, all the employees can make all-out effort to fulfill the clientele and their own visions.

To attract and retain talented personnel, we provide competitive salaries along with a variety of profit-sharing mechanisms such as stock appreciation rights, employee subscription rights for new issues, and employee stock trusts.

To help our employees enjoy more stability and happiness in their lives, we also provide two types of benefit plan “Core Benefit” and “Flexible Benefit” and part of them are provided to not only our employees but their families.

Through the “Core Benefit” system, employees are not only enrolled in labor insurance and national health insurance as required by the law, but are moreover entitled to allowances for weddings, funerals, childbirth, medical care, children’s education as well as birthday gifts, three festive bonuses, and emergency financial support.

CTBC was the first in the industry to provide a “Cafeteria-style Benefit Plan” which issues benefit points to full-time employees every year. Employees can spend the points on various benefits of their choosing, including food, clothing, accommodation, transportation, education, and entertainment.

We are committed to employee care founded on the bases of human rights and gender equality. Moreover, we strive to recognize the importance of diversity in the workplace, respect individual differences, provide a professional, dignified workplace, and explicitly prohibit harassment, intimidation, or discrimination.

We provide employees with health exams every year to safeguard their health. There are in-house qualified nurses stationed in the company to offer health information and emergency medical assistance. In order for employees to relax in our new headquarter building opened in 2014, we provide a fitness center, an X-bike classroom, a massage relaxing room, and an American lounge space etc. These are available to encourage a balance between work and play.

CTBC hosts a variety of leisure activities and supports employee participation such as new employee cohesion camp, department travel, annual parties, family days, etc. We also encourage employees to participate in club activities. The company supported a total of 28 clubs in 2016 included golf, English public speaking, music, flower arranging, aerobics, and X-biking. A total of 1,150 sessions were organized and attended by 19,530 participants. These activities provide employees with more opportunities to expand their social network, and experience different lifestyle.

Through a diversified rewards system, we give outstanding employees more public recognition to fulfill their needs of accomplishment, and boost the commitment of long-serving employees. “Best Employee” competition which is the highest honor in the heart of every CTBC employee has been held every year since 2005. Best Employees, commended for their excellent performance and active implementation of core values of the company, are publicly recognized. We also run the Senior Employee Recognition Program, which rewards certificates and recognition to employees who have been with the company for five years or more. Meanwhile, employees who have been with the company for five or ten years are given a one-time five-day paid “golden holiday”. Employees who have been with the company for 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, or 30 years are given a “diamond holiday” allowance of NTD 30,000, NTD 35,000, NTD 40,000, and NTD 50,000, respectively.

To meet the development needs of employees, we implement a joint development mechanism for specialists and managers, and provide chances of domestic and overseas job rotation. We periodically hold new employee cohesion camp, professional training for different positions, management training for newly appointed managers, etc. Moreover, we provide executive program for senior executives by cooperating with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, we continuously develop different kinds of training tools such as mobile learning application to help talents can easily advance their knowledge and skills.

“Only by maintaining the environment we live in and caring for the people around us, especially employees, we are able to make the society a better place and build a long-lasting business.”
— Jeffrey Koo Sr., founder of CTBC