Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) is a leading company in Taiwan which provides telecommunications and digital application services. FET firmly adheres to the core values of Trustworthy, Agile, Innovative, and Collaborative. With the aim of sustainable management in mind, FET has combined our core operating strategy with sustainable development. This is to ensure steady growth in a changing external environment, while at the same time we maximize our contributions to the economy, environment, and society.

In terms of corporate governance, FET has maintained a steady dividend policy to create the greatest possible returns for shareholders. Moreover, FET participated in a sustainability assessment and was selected to be a constituent stock in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index’s (DJSI) emerging market index. FET also topped the corporate governance evaluation done by the Taiwan Stock Exchange and were one of very few listed companies to be ranked in the top 5% of benchmark enterprises for three consecutive years, proving our sustainable governance performance has reached international standards.

FET has always embraced the brand spirit of “Closing the Distance” by fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility, especially on promoting quality education, combating social issues, and maintaining a more sustainable environment. For example, FET continues to focus on climate change and energy management topics through its “Corporate Sustainable Value Chain,” decreasing carbon emissions among ICT industries. FET also encourages the public to become more environmentally aware through its ongoing “Cherish the Earth, Spread Love Far” campaign.

On social issues, FET has long been working on child and juvenile related issues. FET mainly focuses on promoting quality education for children, especially in remote places. For example, FET volunteers introduced a mobile learning app through the Cloud Education technology, as it offers educational games and multiple exam questions to schoolchildren.
By hosting an annual charity fundraiser, FET helps to raise money for adopted and abandoned children. FET also puts its communication expertise into good use and takes on social responsibilities after major disasters by initiating donation campaigns, sending out volunteer groups, relocating and reconstructing schools, and establishing emergency relief platforms to assist disaster-struck victims and children.

In recent years, FET has won numerous reputable CSR awards in Taiwan including Global Views magazine’s CSR Award, CommonWealth magazine’s CSR Award, Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, and Best at CSR in FinanceAsia’s Asia’s Best Managed Companies. Those awards highlighted growing public recognition at FET’s long-term efforts in corporate sustainability.

In view of the development of the company and rapid changes in technology and products in the telecoms industry, we have actively recruited from the field of integrated ICT services. This includes specialties such as telecommunications, multimedia, cloud computing, and Big Data. To attract new talent, FET has gone to campuses to influence views and promote our employer brand to young employees. We also cooperate between industry and academia, reflecting positively on FET’s talent acquisition efforts.

FET strives to improve and enhance the quality of our employee training as well as overall development capabilities. We have drawn up a detailed training blueprint based on the competency system and career levels. All of courses corresponding to the blueprint have been developed and applied to all employees based on their core competencies. Meanwhile, we also focus on working to strengthen leadership, and tap in to the talent pool to assist employees in career planning. This provides all employees with equal access to training and development with no bias due to preference.

To continue implementing a friendly and agile learning environment, we integrated three major internal platforms: the employee Intranet, new digital learning systems (mobile learning), and the EMMA internal communications platform. Richer and more convenient knowledge social communication channels are provided so that employees are able to learn everywhere, to learn every time, improving their work and organizational performance.
To develop more digital talents, we set up an incubation center to not only reduce the knowledge gap between industry and academia, but also speed up the readiness for digital talents by practical learning.

Gender Equality and Human Rights Discrimination Prevention
FET is an equal-opportunity employer and emphasizes gender equality. Employee remuneration and promotion are all based on personal ability and performance and are not influenced by age, race, skin color, gender, or sexual preference. FET stresses communications with its employees. To promote labor relations and create an equal and transparent corporate communications culture, a variety of communications channels are available to protect the rights of employees. This is to create a healthy working environment free from harassment and discrimination.

Employee welfare & Work Life Balance
In terms of our healthy work-life balance version, we are devoted to optimising employee remuneration, benefits, and incentives, which leads employee to have less life worries and enhance employees’ sense of identity. FET implements a variety of special benefits to promote physical and mental health, such as ergonomic workplaces, fitness programs, employee assistance programs etc. We also have in place an Employee Welfare Committee to encourage club activities and make available travel allowances for trips at home and abroad.

Occupational Safety and Labor Health
At FET, occupational Safety is always our core mission. We have a Labor Safety and Health Committee (LSH Committee) as well as dedicated labor safety and health units to make continuous improvements to the working environment and to ensure work safety. For the fifth consecutive time, FET has been commended by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration of the Ministry of Labor for their achievements in being disaster-free and hazard-free.

FET believes that an excellent employer brand, agile learning, and engaged working environment contribute to a sense of achievement and corporate identity, which in turn helps unity among employees. This enhances the efficiency and capabilities of the organization. FET is committed to becoming a “preferred employer”, and this effort contribute towards us retaining employees.