Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Founded in 1992 and led by Chairman Thomas T L Wu, Taishin started its core business – Taishin International Bank, which has been developing solidly based on the spirt of innovation.

In 2002, Taishin established the holding company — which includes subsidiaries such as banking, securities, investment trust, investment advisory, venture capital, and asset management – to provide a well-rounded and marketable service and to realize the vision of building a “Top Chinese Financial Group”. By 2018, Taishin operates with approximately 9,000 employees and 101 branches in Taiwan, 4 overseas branches and 28 leasing offices in China.

Adhering to our core values (integrity, commitment, innovation, and collaboration), we strive to succeed. We have excellent managements, innovative mindset to service and intact foundation so that we can generate financial synergy to return the benefits to all stakeholders living in the country and to be every customer’s “Smart Partner”.

Taishin is dedicated to creating an environment that employees can excel. Taishin has invested a huge amount of time and resources to conduct opinion surveys biannually to hear their voices and to focus on their urgent needs. We take actions such as reviewing existing policies and introducing new systems based on employees’ opinions towards company policies; and based on the revealed factors that attract and retain talents. Besides quantitative surveys, we occasionally conduct focus group interviews or even visit randomly sampled employees across 101 branches, to gain more knowledge on employees’ thoughts. Collecting genuine voices is the evidence that Taishin considers employees our most important assets. In 2018, we will launch a new third-party system which allows us to conduct quantitative surveys and collect feedback more frequently. In this case, we can respond and take initiatives to employees’ voices in time.

Taishin values talent development seriously. Based on each stage of organizational development, on various talent levels and different specializations, we create a pyramid framework that middle level managers, executives and key talents can elevate their progress. Meanwhile, we established “Taishin University”, an online learning platform, to provide effective and repeatable training. Furthermore, employees can see their status, potential roadmap and accessible training through the platform. Furthermore, we have an internal rotation system, on which employees can search for different functions and its career map, so that they can challenge for not only promotions, but also horizonal development to gain multiple abilities. In 2017, Taishin released the “iTaishin” mobile app. Employees can register for lessons and receive latest information and feedback via mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

Abundant employee activities have always been a tradition of Taishin. Aligning with the increasing need of work-life balance and family care, Taishin has arranged more and more activities which welcome the participation of employees’ families, so that employees can enjoy valuable family time through the events, as well as having a better connection between work and family. Over the past 3 years, the company has held 50 events that the family of employees can join, leaving a record of participation of more than 3,200 families. Activities such as company fairs, art and culture events such as Friday Noon Concerts and Art Bus, have made Taishin different from other financial institutions. Employees’ families are very welcome to all the art and culture events and they also receive special discounts. Plus, the company invites families of rewarded employees to join the internal recognition ceremony so that they can share the honor. All the events are designed to strengthen the bond between employees’ family and the company.

To meet the various needs from different generations of employees, Taishin cares about employees’ genuine voices and seizes every chance to improve. We embrace changes and pursue win-win, to make a sustainable company that the employees are willing to develop together.