Thursday, December 3, 2020

PT Astra International Tbk was established in 1957 in Jakarta. Astra’s market capitalization at the end of year 2018 was Rp291.5 trillion. By 2018, Astra has expanded its business by implementing a business model based on synergies and diversification within seven business segments, consisting of: 1) Automotive, 2) Financial Services, 3) Heavy Equipment, Mining, Construction and Energy, 4) Agribusiness, 5) Infrastructure and Logistics, 6) Information Technology and 7) Property.

Astra’s business operations across Indonesia are run through 226 subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates, and supported by 226,140 employees. As one of the nation’s largest business groups today, Astra has built a strong reputation through diverse and quality products and services, with due observance to good corporate governance and environmental governance standards. To this end, Astra runs business activities by a balanced combination of business commercial interests and non-business contributions through social responsibility programs focused on four basic areas: education, environment, small and medium enterprises (SME), development and health.

The key to Astra’s sustainability is Astra’s core values, called Catur Dharma. Catur Dharma has become the foundation for Astra in conducting business practices, also a guidance for Astra’s employees to interact with one another. Catur Dharma consists of 4 values which are 1) To be an Asset to the Nation, 2) To Provide the Best Service to Our Customers. 3) To Respect Individuals and Promote Teamwork, 4) To Continually Strive for Excellence. Catur Dharma has not only become Astra’s working culture but also a guidance to all employees on building partnerships.

Catur Dharma is internalized through all employment aspect, starting from the criteria for new employee recruitment, and embedded on the new employee orientation training, and sustainable people development programs. The internalization of Catur Dharma is also done through employment programs such as culture day, thematic culture program to strengthen employee engagement. To encourage the internalization of Catur Dharma, in 2018 Astra held a Culture Innovation Competition, where every work unit contributed to the plan for implementing Catur Dharma value. Astra also holds partnership expedition between labor union & management to strengthen synergy, partnership, and ownership inside the organization.

Astra also prioritizes the welfare of its employees. Astra’s remuneration policy is based on the 3P concept: Pay for Position, Pay for Person and Pay for Performance. The remuneration system is based on performance appraisal to ensure fairness between job values and responsibilities as well as the level of performance.

Astra’s compensation system consists of fixed component for monthly salary, and a variable component called the year-end bonus, on which the amount depends on an individual’s performance, thus maintaining motivation and work productivity. Astra’s employees are also entitled to various facilities such as meal allowance, transportation allowance, car loan for certain levels, medical coverage, insurance and scholarship for employee family members of a certain level.

Astra also provides facilities such as a nursery room, clinic, sport facilities, gym, library and engagement activities such as family day, employee talent competition, and employee sports and art competition. Astra is also fully committed to maintain a safe and comfortable working environment by implementing Environment, Safety, Health, Security and Work Discipline (LK5).

Astra designs structured development program based on Catur Dharma. The main goal is to create Astra future leaders who are groomed from within with the appropriate and adequate knowledge, experience, competence and character. At the corporate level, Astra Leadership Development programs are designed in a tiered, structured, and comprehensive manner. Astra also builds basic, managerial and leadership competencies through development programs such as training, mentoring, rotation, career development, leadership, coaching, and feedback sessions, with corporate culture material embedded in all programs.

Astra also strongly promotes innovation and improvement at every employee level. This is also the basis of the establishment of InnovAstra, the annual forum for Astra employee to actualize and display the ability to innovate through work projects that carry various ideas for improvement in daily operational activities and processes. From its launch in 1988 to 2018 InnovAstra has already facilitated 8,203,819 innovation projects.

To sharpen the efficiency of attracting and retaining employees, Astra defines Employee Value Proposition (EVP) based on Astra’s culture, business characteristics, and company internal factors, as values for all employees and also to attract potential candidates. This EVP has become Astra’s foundation to create/design employer branding strategy and implementation.
One of EVP’s implementation to attract potential candidates is Astra 1st, a program to strengthen link between Astra and universities, through ambassador and development programs. In this program, we select students from reputable universities as Astra’s Ambassadors to promote Astra as a best place to work to their fellows. We also give scholarship and development program through coaching & counseling to all ambassadors. From its launch in 2011, Astra 1st has been followed by 416 ambassadors from reputable universities in Indonesia. Besides Astra 1st, EVP also communicates through branding programs such as job fairs, career workshops, guest lecturers, and apprenticeship.

To prepare future leaders, Astra has developed a dual career ladder to give development opportunities and career path to specialist positions. The Astra Graduate Program (AGP), Human Capital Trainee, Audit and Risk Trainee, and Legal Officer Development Program have been implemented as specialist/ functional programs.

With the entire programs that promotes employee development and also work culture that strongly internalized, Astra now continues to improve itself to become the Pride of the Nation.