Thursday, December 3, 2020

Since it was established in 1957, Bank Central Asia (BCA) has continued to grow. This has been the result of the dedicated teamwork of every single employees and the unflagging support of our customers. Earning customers’ trust through offering them the best solutions to meet their financial needs is an honor and a source of pride for BCA. By living the slogan, “Always by Your Side”, BCA will continue to strive providing all customers with only the very best services and solutions. In order to face more agile conditions and situations in the future, BCA are embracing the change to sustain growth. The change itself should be started by the employees.

We believe that the most important factor in our journey of success is the capability of our human capital. In implementing Human Capital strategy, we always refer to BCA’s Corporate Value (Customer Focus, Integrity, Teamwork, and Continuous Pursuit of Excellence) and Employer Value Proposition (EVP) (Friendly Environment and Continuous Improvement). Based on Corporate Value and EVP; and paying attention to business changes that happened so quickly, the human capital strategy to achieve the goals consists of 4 aspects:

Ensure that employees have the same view of company’s vision, mission, and values, through BCA Way program by involving all leaders to socialize BCA’s vision, mission, and value; and implement them in every aspect, including how they do the business and interact with others.

BCA’s EVP has been proven to be BCA’s unique branding. It is expected to be the strength in attracting suitable candidates and retaining talents, which is currently dominated by millennials (almost 50% of BCA’s employees). To ensure the continuous improvement we focus on developing our talents through the development plan, and it started with recruiting the right people.

After that, every employee who has just joined in BCA should take the First Learning Year (FLY) with BCA onboarding program. They are accompanied by a buddy in their first year to ensure that they know the job description, organisational structure and career path, and working culture. It also accelerates engagement process in the business unit.

BCA also provides various training programs; consist of hard-skill as provision to support work productivity; and soft-skill to develop their potential. Employees can choose training programs according to their need and interests. The development process of every employee is continuously maintained. It is the reason why we can grow our leaders from within. BCA also holds BCA Innovation Awards every year to foster innovation culture, so every employee has the chance to share new idea or improve business process.

BCA categorizes rewards into 3 groups. Foundational Rewards are basic rewards obtained by employees, such as salaries that match market rate and other financial benefits. Performance-Based Rewards are rewards given based on the performance achieved by employees, such as bonuses and salary increment. The last group is Career and Environment Rewards.

Besides developing our people, we also build a healthy and solid relationship among employees. It is the reason why we launched Employee Engagement program in 2011. At first, we educated employees and built their understanding about employee engagement. After that, we asked them to create action plan and guided them to solve their problems related to employee engagement. We continued to improve it with cross-function strategy. They are asked to solve their problem together with other related work units. As the result, we strengthened our employee engagement and at the same time creates a strong customer engagement. Thankfully, in 2015, 2017, and 2019, BCA participated and won as the only Indonesian company that was awarded with The Gallup Great Workplace Award for three times.

To remain competitive in banking industry and financial technology startups, starting on the end of 2015 BCA applied Scrum method and established Mini-Company concept in 2017. Mini-company concept allowed them to develop new ideas with some other work units. With more agile framework, we expected them to engage more. Members of Mini-company remain the same and communication among them is carried out intensively. They also have the authority to take decisions, so the problems can be solved quickly (agile). Mini-company increases engagement between business units, reduces silos, and improves cross-functional collaboration. In 2018, 43 Mini-companies had been formed, consist of 134 Scrum teams with different products. Beside Scrum and Mini-company, BCA also implements Kaizen in every unit to maintain continuous improvement.

BCA continuously provides comfortable working environment and equipment needed by employees. BCA provides lactation space, runs work-life-balance, and provides communities for employees according to their interest, called BAKORSENI (Sports, Arts, and Hobbies Coordination Board).

This year, BCA creates internal campaign themed “One BCA: One Goal, One Soul, One Joy” to encourage employees to collaborate and have bigger picture to reduce silos among work units in achieving BCA’s goals.