Thursday, January 21, 2021

We are Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, the power behind Indonesia’s favorite beverage brands. Through our world-class manufacturing and sales capabilities, every day we bring our complete portfolio to delight millions of our consumers in Indonesia. We are proud of our local heritage, having operated in Indonesia since 1992 and of our international presence as part of the Amatil Group.

At Amatil Indonesia, we believe our long-term success lies in creating a workplace that is safe, flexible and inclusive for our people. Their safety and wellbeing, their family, and the people around us is our priority. Our Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) program provides substantial safety trainings to all employees based on global requirement of Coca-Cola Regulations (KORE), which are strictly audited regularly. To date, we trained more than 8,500 people on KORE and more than 4,600 people for safety driving-riding to minimize the risk of accidents, injuries and exposure to health hazards. Our safety scope extends also to our third-party partners and over 300 contractors in coaching programs.

We also support our people to grow their career aspirations and exceptional talents by building strong Capability Development Program that has been a key enabler in our transformation journey since 2014. We take pride on our initiatives in developing skills through 9 Technical Academies, Leadership Capability programs and specific talent focused programs including the Graduate Trainee Program. In 2018, we delivered 64.400 training days or equal to an average of more than 7 days of training per employee in a year, a significant improvement compared to the 15.400 training days or equal to 1-day training per employee when we started in 2014. We have multiple learning facilities run by our own internal certified trainers and many of our learning modules has been replicated and shared with not only across our organization but for the bigger community as well.

Our commitment to grow together with Indonesia is proven not only through our tenacity to learn and develop our people, but also to integrate our corporate social responsibility and sustainability pillars everywhere we operate. One of our flagship program is Bali Beach Clean Up (BBCU) program where we clean up 9,7km shorelines of five iconic Bali beaches every day. This program has collected more than 38 million kilograms of rubbish by 2018, safely returned 220,000 baby sea turtles to their natural habitat, and most recently, opened a waste management education facility. Not only in Bali, we partner with national and local government for clean-up initiatives across Indonesia and donated more than 5,000 rubbish bins. Other programs include Coca-Cola Forest, available in Lampung, Bandung, Surabaya, and Semarang, Coke Kicks, a grassroots soccer coaching clinic program across Indonesia, and Zone-1 program designed for the community that surrounds our plants.

As a company with more than 9,500+ employees, we are a team of dedicated, motivated and highly capable people who are making our favorite beverage brands a reality. We recognize our people’s contribution through our internal Annual Awards for best performing teams and individual, and Service Awards for years of services starting from 5 years up to 30 years. We offer academic scholarship to our employee’s children who excel in their academics, where we have supported over 200 children since 2018 and will continue to empower them for the future through the “Anak Hebat CCAI” program. To embrace employee engagement, we have Family Day where employees get together with their families for series of activities.

We work as one, igniting ideas and innovation across our operations. We manage multiple internal communication channels to ensure all our employees have access to business information, engaging forums and contributing to the company vision. These includes internal monthly tabloid “ANTARKITA” and corporate social media across group at Workplace, powered by Facebook and all its features, from likes, comments, and posts, to monthly CEO livestream. One of the activities that rings across all operations is Town Hall. Our leadership team personally provides business updates in this activity and talk about company’s achievements, ongoing activities and upcoming plans. Making sure messages are aligned and cascaded to every part of our Operations, the “Bapak/Ibu Program” appoints leaders in each area of Operations to create cross-functional communication forum and provide an objective platform to discuss and resolve issues as well as to build positive synergy in their region.

These activities reflected in our annual employee engagement score which has increased from 63% in 2014 to 75% in 2018—bringing us to the top quartile in Asia Pacific.

Actively building strong Employer Value Proposition, we conducted CCAI Goes to Campus in collaboration with 10 universities in Indonesia, introducing our Graduate Trainee Program. We collaborated with Ministry of Manpower to support the government’s agenda towards youth, specifically in developing their skills and job readiness, through Train the Trainer modules in vocational institutes. We see a positive impact on our employer brand and based on a custom research by Universum for Indonesia in 2018, CCAI is ranked third for Graduates category and second for Professional Hire category. We are also awarded as Top 3 Best Corporate Universities and Top 2 Best Companies in Creating Leaders from Within in 2018 by SWA.

We’ve never stood still, constantly evolving and adapting to the changing markets, consumer tastes and technology. And, as the pace of change continues to accelerate, we see each day as another opportunity to advance the next chapter in our story.