Thursday, October 1, 2020

Premier Jatinegara Hospital is a private hospital that is a reference for health services for doctors and people in need. The coverage of health services provided by Premier Jatinegara Hospital is based on One-Stop services where doctors, consultations, investigations, operatives, inpatient services to post-hospitalization can be done at Premier Jatinegara Hospital. The achievements of Premier Jatinegara Hospital since its inception until now are the realization of Premier Jatinegara Hospital’s commitment to the quality of health services.

The provision of quality health services carried out by Premier Jatinegara Hospital is not limited to medical personnel but to all health service lines and throughout the hospital environment. The “Patient Safety Program” and “Infection Control Program” carried out in Premier Jatinegara Hospital are the top priorities because both are basic and absolute things that must be given by every medical personnel and non-medical personnel working in Premier Jatinegara Hospital.

The quality of human resources working in the Premier Jatinegara Hospital environment is ensured by the management of Premier Jatinegara Hospital as human resources who are competent in their respective fields. This is carried out starting from recruitment to training to improve the quality of resources. With quality human resources, we aim to provide services that are in accordance with international standards.

To anticipate the changes that have taken place in the hospital industry, a series of continuous training activities are being carried out by Premier Jatinegara Hospital. Among these is in the area of “Customer Satisfaction” which is an ongoing training.

Employees are one of the most valuable assets because employees are human resources that are highly needed by Premier Jatinegara Hospital in providing services to customers. To support patient care, Premier Jatinegara Hospital provides work attributes to employees every 1.5 years, such as uniforms (3 sets), shoes, jackets, and bags.

Premier Jatinegara Hospital also provides health facilities, both BPJS and health insurance, which cover outpatient, inpatient, childbirth and dental care for employees and their families (wife and 3 children). For female employees, they can cover 3 children as long as they meet the specified conditions. Premier Jatinegara Hospital also provides opportunities for employees to develop themselves, through internal-external training and further studies. The company strongly supports its employees who want to improve their skills and knowledge in their units.

Premier Jatinegara Hospital conducts an annual assessment process, where, the employees will be assessed 360 degrees (judged by superiors, subordinates, and coworkers). They will also be given work targets and development plans for the next 1 year. The results of the assessment can be used as a basis for annual salary increases.

Employees who have been with the company for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years and 25 years will receive an employment term and a bonus work period.

As a fast-growing health company, Premier Jatinegara Hospital realizes that the rhythm of work is moving very fast. Employees need to be given the opportunity to leave work for a moment and spend time with their families so that their lives are balanced. Premier Jatinegara Hospital provides annual leave to employees of 12-18 days per year.

In addition, Premier Jatinegara Hospital also provides leave for employees for the purposes of illness, childbirth/miscarriage, marriage, grief, circumcision/ baptism/metatah (Hinduism), State vocation, disaster victims and Hajj.

In order to increase the sense of togetherness between employees and their families, Premier Jatinegara Hospital organizes recreation once a year, such as employee gatherings or family gatherings. Premier Jatinegara Hospital conducts various internal activities, such as: celebrating the anniversary of Jatinegara Premier Hospital, Christmas Celebration, Halal Bi Halal, Innovation Awards, sports and religious activities.

With the philosophy of “People Caring For People”, Premier Jatinegara Hospital is very concerned about employee services to patients and their families. Employees of Premier Jatinegara Hospital are required to provide services that exceed the expectations of their customers. True commitment is held firmly by employees so that what is produced gives satisfaction to their customers. Premier Jatinegara Hospital implemented a strategy to increase the company’s acceleration through the process of employee value preposition.

The company values are:

  • Excel in everything we do
  • Care and compassion from the heart
  • Innovative for continual improvement
  • Teamwork and respect one another
  • Ethical and integrity in our practice