Thursday, January 21, 2021

At Maybank, our people are affectionately referred to as ‘Maybankers’, and they are our ultimate asset in this organization and the most important part of our business. The quality of the people is what drives and creates achievements for the organization: Legacy of companies, business sustainability, and growth in profit are just a few of those that are determined by the quality of their employees. As such, we put in extra care and effort in the development and well-being of our people.
As this has become the foundation of Maybank’s Human Capital, we specifically craft and create programs, initiatives, and system processes to reflect and further highlight our people.

We start with our mission: ‘Humanizing Financial Services’. Our humanizing mission is implemented in our end-to-end employee journey where we adopt what we call as the “Right” philosophy.

We start from the recruitment process (Recruit Right), development process for our employees (Develop Right), tracking and managing performance (Perform Right), all the way to coming up with competitive and beneficial remunerations (Reward Right). Through this “Right” philosophy, we are able to create a seamless process that is human-centric in nature, keeping our people at the base of them all.

We have also introduced our four Employee Value Propositions (EVP), dubbed as “GO Ahead”, along with its four dynamic propositions: GO Ahead Grow, GO Ahead Fly, GO Ahead Create, and GO Ahead Care.

The tagline “Go Ahead” serves as both a mantra and a statement of intent— that further shows that Maybank believes in every single person’s potential and goes beyond in keeping promises to exceed expectations and to inspire and encourage every single Maybanker to ‘go ahead’ to get the most from working in Maybank.

Additionally, combined with our core values “TIGER” (Teamwork, Integrity, Growth, Excellence and Efficiency, and Relationship), all of this reflects our endeavours to create a balanced, conducive, and positive working environment for our Maybankers.

Our Maybank Our Family
Engagement is one area that is always a challenge in any organization. We address this is by strengthening the internal communication between employees. We always strive to provide an open space for Maybankers to speak up. We believe this open culture is beneficial in creating an innovative, creative, and collaborative environment. Employee engagement activities, such as Tiger Camp and/or Innovation Festival, are one embodiment of our efforts to cultivate our core values to our Maybankers openly, increase closeness and employee bonding, and instill a collaborative culture while still cascading business strategy, direction, and execution plan.

Innovation Festival is another activity that has proven to be our Maybankers’ favourite. Combining our humanizing mission and marrying it with our 2020 vision: To Become The Digital Bank of Choice, we encourage innovation and daring out-of-the-box creativity to our Maybankers in a festival format that is to be enjoyed by all Maybankers.

You Will Grow, and You Will Fly
In line with our Go-Ahead Grow EVP, in Maybank, we are committed and focused in developing our people’s capabilities and qualities. We specifically create programs and platforms for employees to grow both professionally and personally, and get the best from working with Maybank.

We Create from Within
We believe in growing and grooming our talents internally to explore their potential that would propel them to become future leaders inside our organization.

One of the ways to ensure a sustainable leadership in Maybank Indonesia is maintaining critical roles in the company on a yearly basis. There are two categories for critical positions in Maybank Indonesia: Mission Critical Positions (MCP) and Operational Critical Positions (OCP). In short, MCP is the core business position of banking which directly affects the company’s revenue and that are regulated by the central Bank, whereas OCP, is specialized, highly skilled and that are not easily replaced. These positions are evaluated, developed, and monitored regularly to ensure that Maybank maintains its strong & robust workforce structure as a platform for our internal future leaders to grow and develop.

Structural Pipeline
Living in an era that is full of disruptions and agility, talent war is as real as it gets.

One of the key factors in surviving in this era is a strong foundation of millennials generation. As the generation who is making up the most workforce currently, we take even more care in developing our millennials generation by creating a variety of Management Trainee Programs, i.e. Management Development Progam (MDP), Talenta Marketing, Talenta Service, Young Maybankers Program (YMP), Global Maybank Apprentice Program (GMAP), to meet each millennial’s aspiration.

Structural Training
The sky is only the limit for what we believe our people can do and achieve. Keeping this spirit in mind, we provide our employees a structural training program, comprising of both short course and long course programs for each level within the Bank. We structure this structural training into two categories, i.e. Banking skills and Leadership (Non-Banking) skills to ensure a comprehensive development for our employees.

International Assignment & Overseas Education
As a part of a regional company with a global presence, this gives us more space to create an extensive learning experience and working exposure. We devised an International Assignment Program for our employees to obtain an international working experience in a different country. We also regularly send our people to gain global education program by sending them on both short and long term overseas education program.

Your Total Reward Benefits
We adopt what we call as Total Rewards philosophy: a holistic approach for both financial and non-financial benefits, including variable or fixed income for long and short term. We also provide benefits as addition to basic salary and bonus, such as health programs, pension funds, social security and employee loans with special employee rate. To honor Maybankers for their loyalty in their long tenure, we give appreciation to employees according to their year of service, as well as retirement preparation program. We also regularly participate in salary surveys that are usually conducted by external consultants.

Our flexi benefit scheme allows employees to adjust the scheme of their health insurance according to their personal needs. The program has garnered wide positive receptions by employees and is continued until today.

We Scream for Technology
We always encourage our employees to keep updated on recent technology trends, enrich them with information and skills that are provided through information portals that can be accessed anywhere. Through our MyCampus and MyHR2U channels, Maybankers can access Human Capital portals and their digital learning online. We have also just introduced MyNet as an internal social media channel to further engage Maybankers socially and digitally.

Additionally, we also introduced 6 Future Ready Skills as crucial skills to equip our employees for the digital era through bite-size e-Learnings and various trainings.

Our greatest asset remains and will lie in our people.
Through our various strategies and initiatives, we have shown that our people are at the core of what we do.
And with this in our hearts and minds, we will continue to keep paving ways for an even better and humanizing workplace for all our employees.

And as how we usually say it: Salam, Maybank Juara!