Sunday, October 25, 2020

The relentless pursuit of innovation in product, service offering and processes has made MAS Holdings the preferred partner for global brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Calvin Klein, Lululemon, VS Pink, Columbia Sportswear, Ralph Lauren, Marks & Spencer, Gap, Athleta, HanesBrands Inc., Soma, Thinx, H&M, Me Undies and Tchibo. MAS is a company with a 98,000-strong workforce operating out of 16 countries: 58 manufacturing facilities in 11 countries, design houses in 5 countries, Information technology presence in 10, and brand presence in 4 countries. MAS Sumbiri operates under MAS Intimates which is the oldest and largest division of MAS Holdings.

MAS Intimates has over three decades of experience balancing global scale and local presence, integrating people empowerment and community upliftment into our operations. Innovative, superior products and services, talented people, a responsible approach to business and global citizenship, and collaboration with our stakeholders makes us a powerhouse in the apparel manufacturing sector.

In 2018, MAS Intimates produced 306 million bras, briefs, men’s essentials and apparel, moving increasingly into the high-tech manufacturing space, where wearable technology products are on-boarded into the apparel business. MAS Intimates was the first manufacturer in Sri Lanka to produce wearable tech products.

With an identity deeply rooted in empowering people and uplifting communities, MAS Intimates is renowned for high quality products, creative services, and reliable delivery, resulting in endorsement by high value brands.

MAS Sumbiri was established in Indonesia, in 2013 as a joint venture between MAS Holdings and New Impact Private Limited, providing exceptional product solutions to globally renowned brands. Located in Central Java, MAS Sumbiri is a game changer in the country’s apparel manufacturing sector. Employing over 3500 associates, the facility produced more than 7.5 million bras and 6 million briefs for Victoria’s Secret, PINK and Calvin Klein in 2018. The latest addition to the global footprint of MAS Intimates was the setting up of the 2nd manufacturing unit of MAS Sumbiri in 2018. Knowledge in technically complex products, an innovation mind-set, and a team driven by a mutual sense of purpose towards the success of the company are the cornerstones of our progress.

In 2018 MAS Sumbiri received the coveted award as the Strongest Exporter from the Ministry of Trade in Central Java and the award for Zero Accident from Ministry of Manpower. In 2017, the National Ministry of Health (Indonesia) formally recognized MAS Sumbiri for our innovative talent management strategy together with our focus on the professional development and the wellbeing of all our employees.

Accredited by L Brands and PVH, and WRAP certified, MAS Sumbiri offers a unique blend of manufacturing capability, ‘new thinking’ in people, product and process; together with ethical and sustainable business practices and a technically advanced skills base; creating value for all stakeholders.

“We focus on how we drive a business with least harm to the planet, whilst creating the greatest value for our people.”
— Rajiv Dharmendra, CEO MAS Intimates Division

Creating a work environment where employees are inspired to do great work is at the core of our culture, MAS Sumbiri is a place where everyone can aspire to achieve their dreams and aspirations. We thrive on the fundamental premise that success is derived through people and that every employee contributes to our growth. A participative management style is strengthened by investment in acquiring, building and retaining talent for the future. Technical competency, building leadership at shop- floor levels, and soft skills development are only one side of our focus as we aim to nurture the whole person through balance and wellness initiatives. To us, personal development, values and aspirations are as important as organizational growth.

This focus on people has made us a preferred employer in the industry.
“Our teams are responsive to employee needs, from the very basic to their life goals. We manage human beings, not human resources.”
— Dinal Peiris, Director Human Resource and Administration

Inspiring Meaningful Work
MAS Sumbiri believes that there are no boundaries to creating a learning organization where prominence is given to building future-oriented skills via the MAS Competency Framework and developing a technical and behavioral skill base that facilitates both organizational and personal growth. We focus on initiatives beyond employee welfare, creating an environment for employees to balance professional and personal lives. Employees are able to showcase their talents at the Annual ‘MAS Sumbiri Got Talent’ show in the categories of Singing, Dancing, Modelling etc. Sports is also used as a key bonding and recreational activity, and in 2018 MAS Sumbiri secured the Divisional Championship in Football.

Our Success Stories
At MAS Sumbiri we believe the success of our employees reflects the success of our company. A transparent career path is an enabler for those who wish to embark on their professional journey with us.