Thursday, January 21, 2021

About BAT Singapore
Delivering today and investing in tomorrow
British American Tobacco has a rich heritage and, we believe, a bright future. We continue to deliver value to our shareholders today while also investing in our markets, our brands, our new product categories and our people to ensure a sustainable and successful future for our business.

The quality of our people is integral to our success. Our culture is all about developing talent from within whilst attracting people who bring knowledge and skills that strengthen our business. We put our focus on driving high performance, developing the next generation of leaders, valuing the diversity of our employees, encouraging and rewarding entrepreneurial behavior, and creating an engaging culture where individuals and teams can be the best they can be.

Moreover, we hold robust market positions across the globe and are leaders in more than 55 countries. Our approach to marketing is second to none in the industry, be it brand building, innovation or responsibility. Most importantly, we adhere strictly to the high standards of our voluntary marketing principles.

With our geographic diversity, strong brands, talented people and proven strategy, the Group is well placed to achieve further success.

Bring your Difference
We operate in one of the world’s most challenging marketplace but are able to lead the way because of the extraordinary mix of people who choose to join us. Our industry presents challenges and opportunities unlike any other. To maintain the lead, we need a broader and deeper talent pool than most.

We achieve this by encouraging employees to bring their difference and we harness it in a way that contributes to the business as well as to the self-development of the same individuals. To create an environment which allows us to contribute 100% to the job whilst appreciating the work, we have a range of interventions which are not only applicable in theory but also practiced wherever and whenever they are needed. Policies like flexible working hours, working from home and cross functional/border assignments are just to name a few. In fact, one of BAT’s guiding principles is Freedom through Responsibility, which further encourages employees to have ownership over their roles, development, and career.

This makes BAT unique and continues to strengthen its position as an employer of choice.

We provide fantastic benefits to our employees. Besides the standard medical & hospitalization insurance and leave entitlement, we also provide amazing wellness activities (marathons, massage, fruits, yogurt), free lunch in our cafeteria, onsite Doctor and clinic, in-house gym, coffee barista, along with a variety of social activities that anyone can partake in. We take pride in getting our employees home safely to their families by providing shuttle buses to convenient MRT stations. Additionally, we provide a variety of vouchers from new born to marriage to even festive celebrations. Besides that, we offer educational scholarships to children of our staff and membership to professional bodies to pursue industry accreditation along with an education assistance plan for employees who wish to further their qualifications in respect to their development. To top it off, we have a great selection of flex benefits that all employees can utilize, making them bespoke to each individual employee.

Strength from Diversity
As a company, we are open minded, honest, knowledgeable, hardworking, and above all we encourage an enterprising spirit. In Singapore alone, BAT employs more than 23 nationalities and at a global level we have a representation of more than 140 nationalities. 55,000+ employees can’t be wrong. We hold Strength from Diversity workshops, which seek to increase the awareness of cultural diversity in the workplace. We all have a sense of pride and belonging and challenge ourselves to drive high performance whilst developing the next generation of leaders.

Building a Legacy of Leaders
We are shaping our workforce by providing critical experiences and opportunities to grow regionally and globally which aligns with their career aspirations and our business needs. Internal mobility is part of our DNA and with a global footprint, many of our employees have worked in multiple locations for BAT throughout their career. Another programme which helps us attract best talent and create future leaders is our Global Graduate Programme, which is a 12-month intensive fast track development into management and beyond. We will continuously drive to encourage and enable this.

We empower our employees to take ownership of their development plans. Align with this, we have a Career Handbook across respective functions to raise awareness on potential career paths they can pursue, and also provide assessment tools and training to reach these goals. Our employees work within a development framework of 70% On The Job, 20% via Feedback, Colleagues, Mentoring, and 10% from Formal/Classroom training. Whether you are interested in a Global Shared Services role or being a Planner in the Supply Chain function, you can create your own development plan according to your career aspirations.

Regardless of role or seniority, BAT has high expectations that our people understand and demonstrate leadership behaviors. We believe that Leadership is key for the success of the entire organisation and we strive to deliver the same on a global level.

In summary, whether your journey with BAT Singapore started as a graduate, in factory, or as a mid-career recruit, we are part of the BAT family and proud to be in BAT Singapore as it is truly a great place to work.