Thursday, December 3, 2020

At Borouge, we recognise our people as our most valuable assets behind the success we enjoy, and we have adopted the best-in-class people practices to groom and develop our talents.

To do so, HR places a high value on feedback from employees and these are translated into our policies and actions. The result of this commitment is a progressive and conducive workplace environment that is driven by a strong performance culture.

The feedback we received from the 2018 Employee Engagement Survey (EES) has been translated into 6 corporate actions, which are Talent development, Rewards and Pay-for-Performance, Language proficiency and conversational ability, Decision making, Corporate communications and Senior management commitment.

To ensure the senior management is quick to respond to EES actions, a poster sized Manager’s To-Do list has been created to share the progress of these actions, including adoption of strategies and team building. These initiatives are incorporated into existing practices.

Employee Wellness and Engagement Committee (EWEC)
Building on the strong foundation of the HR-driven Happiness Programme in 2018, the EWEC was formed in 2019 with the objective of rolling out activities that foster closer ties amongst employees and their family, embrace diversity, and support overall wellness.

At our Happiness Day celebration in March, we launched our intranet-based Happiness Meter, a tool that provides real-time engagement level updates between people managers and their teams. The active participation and outcome reflect the effectiveness of this tool in providing a feedback channel in between our bi-annual EES.

Other activities included International Women’s Day, International Happiness Day, Hari Raya Celebration, Family Carnival Day, Employee Walkathon, National Day Celebration, In-office Flu Vaccination package, University Educational Visit (NTU), Beach Clean-up and F&B in-office promotional roadshow. Upcoming activities include the re-launch of BREAK recreational activities, Deepavali Celebration, Motivational Employee Talk, Christmas celebration and Yearend Celebration. The success of these activities is driven by the passion of the 10-member volunteer committee to build Borouge into a happy and fun place to work.

HR enhancement
Borouge’s HR policy has been refreshed with initiatives to strengthen talent retention and progression, whilst embracing a robust Pay-for-Performance culture. This has been achieved through the introduction of a more agile promotion criteria to facilitate different paces of progression, as well as the introduction of a Short-Term Assignment (STA) guideline, a platform for developing our talents through regional placements.

To provide employees with a more structured and formal approach in their career development decisions, a Talent Advisory service has also been introduced.

Responding to strategic development needs, HR in partnership with our business partners, announced a new “Growth Organisation” team, that is groomed to lead major growth projects, supporting our business model transformation and product roadmap to align with our ambitions.

A best-in-class programme has also been launched to strengthen managers’ skills, featuring renowned global consultant, Ken Blanchard, as part of the Borouge Coaching Way.

A new Time Attendance System (TAS) that supports thumbprint recognition to facilitate flexible working hours has been implemented. As part of its future plans, the Company will continue with its HR Business Partner Lunch talks and “Self-leadership” training programme for all employees. The Job Title System will also be upgraded to enable a dual-career path development. Sick leave without certificate will also be introduced to reflect the Company’s trust and care for its employees.

Additional initiatives to raise employee engagement
Demonstrating the Company’s appreciation towards employees for their achievements, regular “Celebrating Success” sessions are organised throughout the year. This year, we received the outstanding Sheikh Khalifa Excellent Award (SKEA) that focuses on Best Practices and Business Excellence.

In February 2019, Borouge announced its fourth growth phase that will include the World’s largest mixed feed cracker. Following past management roundtable initiatives, the CEO catch-up was introduced where be

As an adaptation of past management roundtable initiatives, the CEO catch-up was introduced whereby a cross section of about 6-7 employees meet the CEO casually in his office. So far, 12 such sessions have been held over the past three months. The feedback received has been documented as part of efforts to improve functions.