Saturday, December 5, 2020

Why CDL is one of the best place to work for in Singapore
As a trusted property pioneer and a global hotelier, City Developments Limited (CDL) builds value everywhere we go. Building capabilities from the very foundation of the workplace, our Management Trainee Programme, has been a fantastic source of energy, enthusiasm and talent. After an 18 months stint in various business operations, the Management Trainees are able to build both breadth and depth of experience and learning, hence harnessing potential at an early age, helping them to grow and sustain successful careers in CDL.

Valuing our People
For the new hires at CDL, there is a buddy system to help them adapt better. The orientation programme includes visits to CDL properties in Singapore with an aim to build their product knowledge. We believe that the cost of investing in staff is worth every penny. Each year, there is a vast array of training programmes for staff to choose from. For the high potentials (HIPOs), we focus on the individual’s development needs by identifying where they stand with respect to their performance, potential & aspiration and craft out an individual learning and development plan. There are also formal education programmes which aim to accelerate the development of HIPOs to larger leadership positions. In some cases, key talents have opportunities to work on stretch assignments.

Communicate and Appreciate
We constantly engage our staff by keeping them updated on the company progress, plans and activities through various platforms like Townhalls and EXCO dialogue sessions. At these sessions, we encourage our people to speak up, building an environment where there is courage, candour, openness and transparency. Team successes and milestones are also celebrated.

We have programmes in place to recognise and reward staff. Examples include Excellent Staff Award and Long Service Award. Our commitment to National Total Defence has been recognised by the awards given to us. We have in place several schemes and rewards for our active NSmen (eg. Rewards for improvement in IPPT Results, matching dollar to dollar scheme and commendation for NS promotion).

Caring for the larger community
We understand our obligation to look beyond our self-interest and engage with the world. We encourage staff to participate in community outreach programmes to gain a balance between work and life. Through time, there is a strong culture of volunteerism and giving back to the community. While there are many worthy causes to support, we remain focused on four major community involvement areas – conserving and raising awareness for the environment, enhancing youth development, caring for the less fortunate and promoting the arts. We are also in collaboration with a non-profit organisation (Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore -SEAS) to set up a major training and networking platform to contribute to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future. The Singapore Sustainability Academy is the first major People, Public and Private (3P) ground-up initiative in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Singapore’s national goals to tackle climate change.

Building resilience through fun & fitness
We believe that a healthy body begets a healthy mind. The weekly free fruits at work encourages staff to make healthy food choices. On site basic health screening is available to everyone annually. We encourage employees who are passionate about certain hobbies to form a group and exercise together regularly. The Staff Recreation Committee also organises a wide range of activities for staff. These non-work activities have improved relationships, enhanced engagement and given staff opportunities to demonstrate active leadership.

For employees who need short-term, non-judgemental and confidential assistance in the areas of work, interpersonal relations or family matters, there is an employee assistance programme where telephonic, face-to-face or electronically delivered consultations by accredited professional counsellors are available.

More Flexibility, More Choices
Recognising that everyone has unique needs, we strive to give employees greater choice and flexibility through a range of healthcare protection, wellness options and provision of flexible working arrangements. To complement a set of core benefits which provides a basic level of protection and security, CDL flexible benefits offer various options to allow staff to create a package that is customised to meet different stages of their lives, with choices to include dependants where applicable. Our staggered working hours are well received by staff who have other responsibilities or out of work interests. The recent implementation of Workday is an added enabler for staff to maximise productivity while enjoying flexi-work opportunities. We also encourage staff to live balanced lives with their families by providing discounted staycation rates in hotels owned by CDL. In addition, we are one of the pioneers to encourage and allow staff unrecorded time off to leave early and enjoy a meal with their children and families every quarter. Our annual Bring Your Kids to Work Day is widely embraced by all.

Diversity and Inclusion
With women making up a significant 69% of CDL’s workforce, we have more females than males in both managerial and non-managerial categories. In addition, 50% of Heads of Departments at CDL Corporate Office are females as of end 2018, a 70% increase from 2017.

We see older workers as a source of quality manpower contributing to the organisation and they, in return, finds fulfilment in contributing at their age. These workers impart their skills and share their knowledge by coaching and mentoring. They are a reservoir of experience that serve as a vital resource for learning and in making connection with knowledge. For those who opt to retire, CDL provides ex-gratia payment in recognition of their past contribution and efforts, in addition to the statutory retirement package. Through living our values which remain the bedrock of our culture, each of us help to build greater trust, making the working world better by the day for our colleagues.