Monday, October 26, 2020

CrimsonLogic is a trusted partner to governments and businesses globally. For 30 years, the Group has partnered with customers to innovate sustainable world-class solutions, products and services in Trade Facilitation, eJudiciary and Digital Government, enabling digital transformation that positively impacts lives and communities.

Headquartered in Singapore, our vision is to be the Top International Solution Provider from Singapore.

To achieve this bold vision, we had to transform our company from being a systems integrator to one providing products and services. This transformation began in late 2014 during which we successfully led over 800 employees around the world to become ready to take on the future growth of our company. The stakes were high, and the needs were urgent. And we knew we had to depend on our key assets – our People – to make our transformation possible.

Our Goal
At CrimsonLogic, we believe that employee engagement requires a holistic approach that engages, enables and enriches our People for their professional and personal growth. We aspire to be in the driver’s seat, working with our business leaders to build and harness the strengths of our People to achieve CrimsonLogic’s vision.

Our Strategy – ONE@CRIMSON Ecosystem
Comprising nine pillars, ONE@CRIMSON is a holistic ecosystem that engages and achieves all-rounded growth of our People. We believe in investing in them not just for the growth of our company but the success of the nation. We seek to build a dynamic environment and we want to hone our People’s technical and social skills while meeting their career aspirations and emotional needs.

Our Implementation
We want to attract, motivate and retain excellent talent by branding CrimsonLogic as a top local IT company with an extensive global footprint, that is willing and able to groom our People into successful and relevant industry leaders. Through various sharing sessions and surveys, we adopt a 6-prong approach to engage our People:

Our Brand

  • Adventure Spirit
    We have the largest number of offices worldwide amongst all the IT companies in Singapore. Our employees get to learn and work overseas, network and gain new experiences living in countries with different cultures. Whether you are an intern, graduate associate or employee, our various programmes ensure you get lots of opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and venture overseas.
  • Vibrant Workplace Culture
    An office is not just a place for work, but a space for our People to bond, unwind and play. This year, we transformed our traditional office space into an open-concept and vibrant environment. This new dynamic work space fosters more communication and bonding amongst our People.
  • Nurturing Environment
    As a company, we strive to cultivate a nurturing and positive environment to engage and develop our People in all aspects: professional, social, leadership and personal development. We developed core values to guide our People’s growth through a series of engagement activities.

    • Events, sharing sessions & open-door policy
      We value our People’s opinions and encourage a culture of feedback in a safe, secure and respectful environment through our open channels of communications.
    • Workshops and training sessions
      Besides technical skills, emotional skills are important for personal development and team-building. This year, we set aside $225,000 for workshops and training. Here are some of the workshops conducted:
    • Surveys and focus groups
      Once in two years, we conduct a culture survey. Using the Barrett Seven Levels of Consciousness, we evaluate the cultural dynamics in areas such as teamwork, ownership and customer satisfaction. We also conduct regular “pulse check surveys” and small focus groups to get feedback and measure job satisfaction.
    • Digitalise the way we work
      Leveraging our expertise in IT and technology, we have several apps and online platforms to promote engagement, both vertically (management-to-people) and horizontally (peer-to-peer).
    • Talent Evangelists
      Some staff are shy in approaching HR directly. Hence, we have selected naturally engaging and approachable staff to be our “grassroots leaders”. Our Talent Evangelists help to rally People for training and events, gather buy-in from the ground, and provide feedback to HR regarding new initiatives and programme.

HR Excellence Awards 2018, Corporate Wellness, Silver

HR Excellence Awards 2017, Learning & Development, Bronze

HR Excellence Awards 2016, Graduate Recruitment & Development, Bronze

SHRI Learning & Development Award 2017

SHRI Leading HR Practices (Special Mention) in Employee Relations & Workplace Harmony 2017

NS Advocate Awards 2017