Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Grab has undergone many changes since it was founded in Malaysia. In just 7 years we have grown from a ride-hailing provider to a homegrown everyday super app. Headquartered in Singapore, we have expanded our business verticals (eg. new services like GrabPay, GrabFood and GrabExpress), and entered strategic partnerships (through our GrabVentures arm), all with the goal of Driving Southeast Forward. Grab aims to solve key problems in the region and improve the lives of everyone through technology. We believe in enabling our communities in Southeast Asia. This same philosophy applies to our employees – we are all empowered to do good through our work at Grab.

Today, we are 6000 Grabbers collaborating across 11 countries, and we are still growing. We recognise the challenges that come with such accelerated organisational growth, and have taken active steps to ensure that we guard and champion the values that have brought us to where we are today, and maintain an inclusive and safe space for Grabbers to interact, learn, and grow.

Diversity & Inclusion
Objective hiring process
At Grab, we believe in hiring for skills and talents, regardless of one’s social background. Hiring managers and recruiters at Grab go through training programmes such as “managing unconscious bias” and hiring “blind”. These programmes help us understand and identify biases, and help improve objective hiring. Our Rewards team also has an Equal Pay Policy to ensure that new hires are compensated, by industry standards, according to their experience and not by any other factors (such as favouritism or biases).

Women @ Grab
As a tech company, we recognise the industry concerns and efforts at improving gender equality in the workplace. Women@Grab is both a mentorship programme for women and a community made up of men and women at Grab who champion women initiatives. Our first event saw a whopping turn-out of 150 participants. We also plan to organise more events by partnering like-minded companies.

Grabber Interest Group Fund
The Grabber Interest Group fund was started to help foster cross-departmental networking, and bring Grabbers together through their common interests. Any group can be started easily by any Grabber, and they can get their group activities funded through a 6-month period through this fund. To date we have funded 11 groups, with interests ranging from sports to art jamming.

What is Grabtitude? It is a “Grabber’s Attitude” – a positive work ethic that we want to celebrate. As Grabbers work hard every day, we want to make sure that they feel appreciated and take time to invest in themselves too. The concept of Grabtitude, which started out internally, was later extended to our driver-partners and customers via various marketing initiatives.

“Grabtitude” Day
Twice a year, we set aside a dedicated day for Grabbers to recharge, reconnect and learn new skills. Grabbers can conduct workshops for other Grabbers, such as watercolour painting classes; as well as varied activities from whiskey tasting, Excel skills to self-defence.

Golden Helmet Awards
The Golden Helmet Awards recognises and appreciates Grabbers who have gone above and beyond to out serve their customers and communities. Once a quarter, we open nominations to all employees, and they are publicly awarded at a Town Hall event.

Love-All-Serve-All Day (LASA)
LASA is a day of leave for Grabbers to volunteer for worthy causes of their choice – such as championing the disabled, working on environmental projects, volunteering to help the needy, or working to uplift marginalised communities

Feedback Culture
Internal Communication Channels
At Grab we utilise Workplace by Facebook to communicate. With one click, anyone will be able to reach our founders and senior management directly via messaging. There are also strategic groups set up so Grabbers can find collaboration partners and stakeholders easily across the company and borders.

Grabber Engagement Survey (GES)
The Grab Engagement Survey is carried out twice a year and measures the engagement level of Grabbers. From this survey, results and implications are discussed during Department All Hands meetings, so that leaders can effectively provide useful feedback that is focused and action-driven, as well as be accountable for the results of their teams.

Reimagined Performance Management (RPM)
We have restructured our performance management process to allow Grabbers to receive non-anonymous feedback from stakeholders outside their team. Peer feedback now accounts for 50% of any Grabber’s performance score, and covers both areas of Impact (work) and Culture (values). Managers hold the other 50%, and this all-rounded feedback will allow them to have objective conversations around performance.

Flexible Benefits
We acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all benefits policy. Thus, we launched GrabFlex – a flexible reimbursement-based benefits programme that caters to diverse preferences, needs and hobbies.

All Grabbers in Singapore are given access to a GrabFlex spending account; depending on their priorities and needs, they will be able to use the credits to reimburse for different benefits. E.g., Grabbers who have children may opt to use their credits for medical coverage for their dependents; others may buy an air ticket for their vacation; or some may choose to donate their credits to a beneficiary of their choice.

Expectant mothers will have access to a separate benefits account which covers the costs of their maternity. Maternity leave of 16 weeks is offered to all mothers, regardless of their newborn’s citizenship and the mother’s marital status. New fathers can also apply easily for 2 weeks of paternity leave.