Saturday, December 5, 2020

A.P. Moller – Maersk is an integrated container logistics company working to connect and simplify its customers’ supply chains. As the global leader in shipping services, the company operates in 130 countries and employs roughly 76,000 people. With simple end-to-end offering of products and digital services, seamless customer engagement and a superior end-to-end delivery network, Maersk enables its customers to trade and grow by transporting goods anywhere – all over the world.

At Maersk, we have a distinctive set of Core Values, which drives the way we do business. These five corporate values were ingrained into our operations by our founders, and have remained guiding principles, governing the development of Maersk for over a century, and they are: Constant Care, Humbleness, Our Employees, Our Name.

At Maersk, we want to build a culture that is inclusive, where new ways of thinking are encouraged, new skills and diverse talents are leveraged. Diversity of thought should be valued and our employees will be empowered to innovate and collaborate helping us all to win together as one team. Success depends on us all being able to engage with each other and work together across different nationalities, genders, generations, religions, disabilities, sexual orientations, ethnicities and perspectives.

Culture is how we do work every day, and the policies and practices that we have, whether big or small, are what builds this culture we have – open, diverse, and inclusive. One of these policies that exemplifies this is in our Dress Code policy, the dress code is based on an ideal, a principle of trust and the Company Value “Our Name”. At Maersk, our dress code is “casual”, where people are allowed jeans, tennis shoes, etc. as each colleague feels is appropriate. The dress code allows for employees to openly express their individuality and allows for a more relaxed work environment.

Developing a culture that encourages work-life balance is also an important component of Maersk’s people strategy. The Flexible Working Hours (FWH) practice that we have allows employees to select alternative working hours within the prescribed guidelines. Similarly, we have also set out “Core Working Hours”, between 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, where business leaders are advised to conduct meetings only during this time frame, which then helps to focus on our employees’ overall productivity and simultaneously promote a healthy work-life integration.

Maersk trusts and empowers our employees to make the best decision for the company and in doing so, foster a sense of ownership and belonging to the company. Some of our key initiatives include MyCareer, a tool aimed to encourage employees to take ownership of their own career progression. Through MyCareer, they can map out their career aspirations and find opportunities that best match their goals with the help of our HR representatives.

We have also the Go with Maersk (GWM), a 4-year graduate programme created to grow the pipeline for generalist leadership positions. Employees receive training at four Maersk locations and hone high-impact skills under the mentorship of senior leaders. Upon graduation, employees are expatriated on a 2-year journey, giving them a complete One Maersk global experience.

Employees also have opportunities to go for Short-Term Assignments (STA), where high potentials take on a 2-8 weeks STA to a cross-brand/-functional/-location project to build network and gain insight into an area outside their current function. STA builds collaborative bridges across Maersk and gives employees insights into how others do business. STA reinforces One Maersk mindset and shows that Maersk is committed to helping our employees grow not just through vertical movements but also lateral ones.

Attracting and retaining talented employees is an important strategic goal for Maersk. Providing employees with policies that support them throughout their careers at Maersk is a key enabler to achieving this goal. The Maersk Maternity Policy supports our aim to retain talented women working in the Group and attract even more to gain access to future and wider talent pools and to strengthen our business results. Our aspiration is to reach a global best practice maternity retention rate of 90%. All female employees and employees who are mother or the primary adopter regardless of newborn’s citizenship will be eligible for 18 weeks of maternity or adoption leave. We have also implemented the Return to Work Policy. This policy aims to support parents transitioning back into work after they have been on maternity or parental leave by allowing a phased return to work. The Return to Work program allows employees who have been on 18 weeks maternity leave or Adoption leave to have a phased reintegration back into work. The employee has the option to work at 80% of their contracted weekly hours on full contractual pay for up to 26 weeks, within the first year of the child’s birth or adoption date.

While we recognize employees for their successes at work; life events are just as important. To celebrate our employees’ Service Anniversary, when they reach the respective service years within the company, employees can purchase a momento of his/her choice and will be reimbursed up to the given budget. A monetary award will also be given. For employees celebrating his/her 25th Wedding Anniversary, they will also receive reimbursement for the actual amount spent on items such as celebratory dinner, or holiday, within the budget of SGD 1,000. Birthdays are not to be forgotten, and all local permanent employees will receive a Birthday Allowance of SGD 70 during their birthday month.

Other important benefits such as medical and insurance are also provided to our employees. For example, employees are given Flexible Benefit for optical, dental, and medical check-up purposes. We also provide a comprehensive Medical Insurance Plan for our employees, and their dependents.