Thursday, December 3, 2020

Mazars Footprint
We are an international, integrated and independent firm, specialising in audit, accountancy, advisory, tax and legal services. Operating in 89 countries and territories around the world, we draw on the expertise of 40,000 professionals – 24,000 in the Mazars integrated partnership and 16,000 via the Mazars North America Alliance. Our goal is to assist clients at every stage in their development.

The success of Mazars in the world today is significantly attributable to our talents around our international offices. Investing in our talents across all levels and functions and giving them the utmost care and developmental opportunities are essential for Mazars. We strive to create a vibrant, dynamic, inclusive and diversified work environment for all generations of Mazarians.

Mazars Employee Value Proposition
In Mazars Singapore, we strongly believe that developing talent must encompass the three key pillars in our employee value proposition; Talent Acquisition (TA), Talent Management (TM) and Talent Development (TD). These ensure our talent pool is well-fitted and developed in Mazars. In addition, Talent Engagement (TE) is the binding force that encompasses the three key pillars. We strive to include and engage every Mazarians in all areas possible so that we make “Your Years at Mazars… Years that Count.” We aim to have each Mazarian’s journey to be unique and special.

The “TE” in “TA”
We hire based on abilities, attributes and personalities as opposed to gender, age or race. In Mazars Singapore, there are 14 different nationalities across multiple generations. We adopt casual, fun and creative interview techniques and tools to engage potential candidates. An effective onboarding experience enables new employees to form bonds within the firm at a higher and faster rate. These efforts allow new employees to develop relationships that help them feel more embraced and connected.

Mazars Group developed an innovative digital tool – #insidemyphone that provides both internal and external audience with a first-hand experience as a Mazarian. It has proven to be a hit with the millennial generation and beyond.

The “TE” in “TM”
A Mazarian effort is never unnoticed. Close working relationships, bonding activities and a structured feedback and appraisal system provide the fundamentals in engaging Mazarians throughout their journey with us. A healthy reward system is measured closely to each Mazarian’s performance. Accelerated promotions are in place to motivate and retain high potentials and thus increasing satisfaction and productivity level of the individual. Such recognition provides assurance of their belief and investment in us and in turn keeps them engaged at work.

“At Mazars, Work Smart, Live Smart” – for Mazarians, these are words to live by. We achieve work-life balance by instituting policies and constantly gathering feedback to improve the work environment. Regular events, e.g. movie nights, overseas company retreat, festive parties, health screening and marathons are organised throughout the year to ensure Mazarians are healthy – both mentally and physically.

The “TE” in “TD”
“At Mazars, if you feel you can do it, we will help you to achieve it”. Structured training programmes, sponsorships and overseas training opportunities are available to encourage career development in Mazars. Mazarians can seek short-term secondment or transfer to other Mazars office through our international mobility programme. This helps with career growth because employee development sits close to our hearts.

We also encourage Mazarians to be active on social media. We believe in the power of connectivity, networking and the sharing of knowledge. With a 40,000-strong professional network around the world, we live by the notion that “At Mazars, you don’t just have contacts, you create a world-class network.” This opens a valuable doorway to international opportunities in learning, building skills and forging relationships.

Engaging our Hearts
Beyond all, we want to build a compassionate culture too. Mazarians are encouraged to play a part in giving back to society. Various corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives were introduced since 2018. Mazars adopted “Mazars in the Green Scene” globally where we educate Mazarians to reduce, reuse and recycle. To support this initiative, we distributed and encouraged the use of metal cutleries, tumblers, straws, etc.

Furthermore, we have other CSR activities collaborating with local charity organisations to sponsor food and food distribution in housing estates around Singapore. We have also hosted a Chinese New Year dinner for the elderly and needy. A food donation drive started in July 2019 to encourage the donation of unused and expiring non-perishable food to help reduce food wastage.

We care about Mazarians’ health. Daily fresh lemons and variety of fruits are provided in our pantry. Besides that, Vitamin C tablets and healthy snacks are given out on special occasions to boost immunity and diet. In-house health screening and talks are organised for Mazarians as well.

Beyond that, we need to care for Mazarians’ families too. We support the “Eat With Your Family Day” initiative that is championed by Centre for Fathering. A dessert pack and early release are given on selected dates for Mazarians to have dinner with their family/loved ones. “Family Care Leave” was introduced in July 2019 to cater to Mazarians who need to take time out to care for their loved ones.

In Mazars, we strongly and passionately feel that it is vital to engage our talent at different facets of life. Talent engagement needs to be weaved well into all aspects of our interactions with our talents at every stage. Only then, we can truly claim to have encompassed the three key pillars in our employee value proposition.