Wednesday, August 21, 2019

ATEN International Co., Ltd. has been making every endeavor towards the implementation of “Corporate Social Responsibility” and is always attentive to topics that stakeholders are concerned about. We hope to bring a positive impact to the environment, society and governance with the company’s power, and aim to achieve a better future by working together with all our stakeholders.

We carry the spirit of our four core corporate values of “Integrity”, “Caring”, “Ambition” and “Novelty” in daily business operations and management. In addition to our efforts of maintaining reasonable profits, we also continue to practice and promote the positive beliefs of Corporate Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, and a mutually beneficial and prosperous relationship between the company and its stakeholders. With the annual issue of CSR report, we effectively establish a bridge for interactive communication with our stakeholders.

Since its establishment in 1979, ATEN is entering its 40th year. While striving to shape the industry and achieve good economic performance, we have not forgotten to practice the concepts of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. On August 2018, the Common Wealth Corporate Citizenship Awards announced the results for the 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Award, and ATEN stood out from more than 200 companies, winning first place in the medium-sized enterprise category.

We hope that the company’s growth and employee development can move forward together and complement each other, and at the same time, create a friendly workplace where employees enjoy a healthy and balanced work life.

  • Competitive Employee Benefits
    We provide market-competitive salaries and benefits such as health insurance plan (cover employee’s parents), gym, social clubs, fertility allowance, employee welfare committee and understand that only stable operation and profitability can ensure long-term success. Under the performance system of merit-based rewards and incentives, we expect our employees to grow together with the company and jointly encourage employment and economic growth.
  • Personal Growth and Development
    We welcome fresh graduates and sincerely invite experienced talents to contribute value to the company. Systematic and well-planned training courses are provided to new employees as well as employees that are already in service to ensure inclusive and equal quality education that encourages lifelong learning opportunities for all employees. Now ATEN is running its “ATEN Bullpen” project for junior employees with potentials. In the bullpen courses, these young talents are provided by a supportive environment for employee growth through continuous on-the-job training.”ATEN Private School” was officially established in 2016. It is an exclusive platform for ATEN’s internal lecturers and aims for three principles – internal circulation and spreading of knowledge, creating an atmosphere of a learning organization, and developing a team of internal lecturers. These principles remain uncompromised from the beginning until now. A total of 7 courses were held in 2018, with 503 attendances, 1003 total hours and an average satisfaction of 93.96. These are all results created together. In the future, we will continue to develop valuable internal lecturers and courses to encourage the passing on and sharing of knowledge and experiences inside the organization.Whether it is internal or external training, physical or online courses, all the digital learning footprints of ATEN’s employees are recorded on the internal e-learning platform, “e-College”. Since its introduction in 2014, it has been managed with care and undergone stability tests for three years. We have decided to extend this service to subsidiaries worldwide, and together with the ACS (ATEN Certified Specialist) professional product training course led by the Global Customer Service Department, ATEN’s unique product knowledge and solutions can be successfully communicated to staff who must be familiar with it, through a digital method that is not limited by time and distance.
  • Creating a Friendly Workplace
    We place great importance on the physical and mental health of our employees. Physicians are stationed in the company every week, and employee health examinations are performed every year. In addition, we also cooperate with third-party organizations to provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) whose purpose is to help employees put their minds at ease during stressful situations and focus on work and life with a peace of mind.We have specially planned the “ATENer Freshman Monopoly” to help speed up new employees’ adaptation to ATEN. On the first day of joining the company, new employees will receive an ATENer Kit which contains a “Newcomer Must Know Monopoly Obstacle Map” to help them familiarize themselves with the company’s internal processes, systems, forms, and corresponding service windows. In addition, we also pair an exclusive mentor for each new employee that can serve as a means to seek advice if problems arise. At the same time, we also ask mentors to provide two to four weeks of systematic learning journey for newcomers, and to have regular chats with them on a weekly basis. Mentors have the right and obligation to participate in the new employees’ probation period assessment.In addition, we have included the “New Employees’ Adaptation Questionnaire” into new employees’ compulsory digital courses. If we discover excess levels of stress in physical and mental health, we will refer the information to Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), provided by a third-party psychological counseling company, who will contact and care about the employees’ adaptation situation or other areas that may require professional assistance.