Wednesday, August 21, 2019

BenQ Qisda Group, founded in 1984 by K.Y. Lee., is a corporation that deals in electronic products’ design, manufacturing, services and branding, following more than 30 years of portfolio diversification. Currently led by the chairman Peter Chen, the corporation aims to be a value-added total solution provider that elevates the life of mankind based on the corporate vision: “Bring Enjoyment N Quality to Life”.


All competitive business performances rely on the efforts of every employee. BenQ Qisda Group values each employee as the most vital enterprise asset and provides competitive compensation and benefit to reward everyone within the Group. The Group has been listed as No. 27 in the top 50 competitive salary ranking of listed companies in Taiwan published by Taiwan Stock Exchange. BenQ Qisda provides annual health examinations to everyone within the Group. It also encourages employees to take part in the physical events hold by company such as jogging, bike riding and regular gymnasium training courses. Furthermore, BenQ Qisda’s cafeteria in each office offers a balanced diet to employees. These are all done to create a great work life balance for BenQ Qisda Group’s most valued asset.

BenQ Qisda Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality of employee training and development programs, and is one of very few companies awarded with both the “National Training Quality” and “Golden prize of Taiwan Training Quality System” awards. The Group’s academy training system consists of 4 major focuses: “Leadership & Management School”, “Learning & Growing School”, “Innovation & Improvement School” and “Professional & Development School”. The training structure is tailored to suit various employee levels and demands, while the flexible e-learning platform across PC and mobile devices caters for learning anytime, anywhere. The average employees’ learning hours in 2018 is more than 80 hours.

With visionary strategies and execution, BenQ Qisda Group is a frequent winner of multiple enterprise awards. In 2018 BenQ Qisda was selected as the Top 100 Tech Leaders worldwide by Thomson Reuters and the proud winner of the Asia-Pacific Risk Management Award by StrategicRISK. BenQ Qisda has proven itself as one of the most competitive competitor to win the best company.