Thursday, August 22, 2019

Swire is a diversified international group with more than two centuries of history. Swire Coca-Cola, the Group’s subsidiary, has been a critical global partner for Coca-Cola since the 1960s in manufacturing, promoting, and distributing Coca-Cola products. Having been committed to the Taiwan market for more than twenty-five years, Swire Coca-Cola Taiwan now has a head office and a manufacturing factory in Taoyuan, ten local offices and three distribution centers across Taiwan, and currently has nearly 900 employees.

Employee development has always been one of the main focuses for Swire Coca-Cola in the Company’s effort towards sustainable development. Particularly, in talent cultivation, all employees would receive comprehensive training and have the Company’s full support since the day they join Swire Coca-Cola; the purpose is to help the newcomers to fit in more quickly and understand the responsibilities of each department better. Moreover, the Company hosts regular ”Lunch and Learn” gatherings with individual employees as instructors sharing their knowledge on various topics. Such meetings allow the employees to learn from each other and exchange ideas in a less formal environment, thus enhancing collaboration and resource sharing.

Swire Coca-Cola develops comprehensive training programs that cater to the professional & leadership needs of each department, including World Class Operations (WCO), business development, and leadership development programs. The Company is dedicated to helping the employees to develop their competencies further, as well as creating a vast talent pool. When employees advance to managerial positions, Swire Coca-Cola would provide managerial training to assists the employees in their transition and help them become efficient leaders.

Being open and engaging in honest communication are the core values of Swire Coca-Cola. The Company values feedback from the employees and provides multiple channels for them to voice their opinions. For example, the Company host the Employee Engagement Survey regularly to gain the feedback from the employees. Further, a suggestion box has been set up since 2014 for the employees to express their ideas freely. From 2018, a live online conference “E-Town Hall” is held quarterly for employees from the fifteen locations across Taiwan – including all local offices and distribution centers – to communicate in a transparent manner.

In the live online conference, the general manager and department heads would report on the Company’s major achievements before directly answering the questions from the employees online. For issues that require following up, the executives would give a progress report in the next quarterly conference. Swire Coca-Cola regards the employees as a critical asset, and the Company values and respects the opinions of each employee.

Swire Coca-Cola considers the Company as an engaged member of the society and is keen to fulfill corporate social responsibility (CSR). Not only does the Company takes the initiative to facilitate positive change in the community, but it also encourages the employees to participate in such efforts.

Besides its long-lasting dedication to water preservation and youth development, since 2009, Coca-Cola Taiwan began working with Chinese Christian Relief Association, inviting employees to prepare Christmas presents for children from underprivileged families. Also, Swire Coca-Cola would match the employees in the donation and gifts to acknowledge their generosity. For the past decade, Swire Coca-Cola has sent more than 15,000 presents to children across Taiwan, bringing joy to them on Christmas day.

Furthermore, Swire Coca-Cola also dedicates a portion of its annual profit to the Swire Fund, which the company welcomes employee proposals for its utilization. Through this Fund, the employees could engage in social progress and work towards sustainable development together.