Thursday, August 22, 2019

Titansoft started in 2005 with a team of 5 and a goal not just to be any software development house in Singapore providing custom-made and innovative software solutions, but to build a close-knitted community bringing together passionate, like-minded people who believe in delivering valuable products to customers. We stand 220 people strong today within our flat organization, 75 of them in our Singapore office. More than 200 live projects are in operation currently, serving over 5,000,000 active users from 150+ countries.

“We are Agile”
There was Titansoft. And there is Titansoft post-2014- after Agile practices were adopted company-wide. A “values and mindset shift” replacing traditional waterfall project management with an iterative approach for progressive development, it is an instrumental approach capable of rendering transformative and specific business outcomes such as increased revenue or process efficiencies. Agile is not confined to methodologies incorporated into a business model, but instead, a mindset defined by values, guided by principles and manifested through many different practices, for both software development and functional teams.

In applying Agile practices across departments, our human resource policies have evolved to be progressive and inclusive of internal feedback from our staff. Backed by a solid ideology emphasising the cultivation of a passionate workforce through an innovative mindset, Titansoft believes that our people are our greatest strength. Our vision and mission, to be globally recognised as producers of fun providing the most enjoyable gaming experiences through challenging conventions, is embodied in our 6 core values.

Core Values

  • Value Driven – We focus on the impact of what we deliver. We are committed to and prioritize bringing value to our shareholders, customers and employees.
  • Continuous Learning – Learning is a part of life. In Titansoft, we fail early and fail often. On our journey of new experiences, we embrace the inevitability of failure, as continuous learning is a prerequisite of success.
  • Emergent Leadership – Roles do not define who we are and what we do in the organisation. See a need, do the deed. Leadership is not a position here, it is an action.
  • Practical – We solve real problems. Plans and actions reflect practicality and we make sure they are worth doing to achieve desirable results. We make decisions based on facts and data.
  • Being Adaptive – We welcome changes and respond in a timely manner. In the world of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguous), we survive and thrive by adapting quickly to changes because we understand that change is the only constant.
  • Transparency – We pledge to be open and candid in all our endeavours. Transparency is important in self-organizing environments. We believe making information available and accessible to the people who need it will help us make knowledgeable decisions and to detect potential problems.

Titansoft’s employee-centric approach revolves around the 6 core values, driven by a motto to “Never Stop Improving”. Unconventional human resource practices have played as support to create a continuously learning environment where employees are encouraged to focus on improving, innovating, and moving consistently forward with their ideas and work.

With flexible and no minimum required working hours, staff are encouraged to self-manage, to take personal accountability and practice ownership. A sustainable work life pace and agility on meeting business demands are able to be achieved. Trust is placed on staff’s commitment to getting their work done and autonomy afforded to teams to aid in productivity.

Annual salary reviews based on market data ensure fair compensation for staff, and for us to remain competitive in the industry to attract the best talents. Our self-nominated promotion policy for software developers works to recognize talents, as a transparent promotion guideline encourages employees to take on ownership for personal growth and gives them a full understanding with regards to their career progression opportunities.
Company sponsored trainings, both internal and external, are conducted throughout the year and open to suggestions from staff, allowing them to develop their professional expertise. Staying relevant in the fast-changing world of technology is essential to remain competitive. On a company level, Titansoft actively participates and share our experiences in trainings, meetups, and conferences. Our continued presence in Agile, UXSG and Data Science conferences allows us to gain valuable insights for developing impactful products that are user-focused and experience-driven, to keep abreast of industry trends and to be at the forefront of recruitment.

With a strong culture of ownership and mutual respect, a safe and open work environment is created in Titansoft, where employees feel a personal stake in the company’s performance and embrace our core values which in turn guides their behaviour rather than meaningless rules. Together, we #NeverStopImproving!