Thursday, August 22, 2019

As a leader in global cyber security, Trend Micro focuses on the security of digital information exchange between enterprises and individuals. Since its establishment in California in 1988, Trend Micro has established an organization structure without boundaries of nationalities and has set up headquarters in different countries. Our financial headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan; marketing headquarters in Dallas, USA; R&D center headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan; and Global Customer Service Center and Global Virus Control Center (TrendLabs) in Manila, Philippines. There are 55 offices worldwide, including members from Greater China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Philippines, India, New Zealand and Australia, and the United States. The number of employees worldwide has exceeded 6,000.

Taiwan is the R&D center of Trend Micro with 1,600 employees. We believe that the source of creativity comes from the well-being of employees with our core belief “Be The Best Part of Yourself”. Our principles: “BEST – Beloved, Enjoyment, Self-realization and Take-calculated Risk” describes Trender’s comprehensive happiness rules.

We don’t just provide attractive salaries or free afternoon tea, in the era of constant threats and technology changes, Trend Micro also support employees’ new technology learning with practical actions. For example, we don’t set a limit for training budget, provide technical sharing, organize global technology competitions every year, provide numerous awards to encourage everyone to upgrade their technology in global AI contests. We also value the opinions and feelings of employees, the founders or supervisors. Employees can voice their opinions and feedbacks via the hi-comm or emails and their opinions would be addressed.

Trend Micro is committed to create a working environment where employees can enjoy work and life. We hold inspiring competitions or camps to enhance their professional skills, and also encourage employees to participate in various clubs. Currently we have 46 sports and social clubs that allows Trenders to switch between work and life.

To build a global stage for potential Trenders! Trend Micro implements multinational projects, technical competitions and job rotations to boost Trender’s technical skills, cross-cultural communications, interpersonal skills and business insights to the market and customers. Trend Micro also encourages employees to give back to the community. Trend Micro’s Global Citizenship Program provides employees 3-days volunteer leave each year to support Trenders on join in Home Building in the Philippines and Program the World in Taiwan. The company and the employees become a global citizen together and pursue the self-realization.

Trend Micro’s Co-founder and CEO – Eva Chen has always advocated the corporate culture of Take-calculated Risk, and she has also led the Trend management team to resolve the business crisis caused by the trial of innovative practices by first-line employees. This has driven the pioneering spirit of Trender’s dare to fail on work.

Human capital is the most important asset of Trend Micro. We are committed to create a high quality working environment and hope that every Trender can explore their potential and demonstrate self-realization in the position, then they could grow with Trend Micro together to achieve a vision of sharing a good future with the society.