Thursday, August 22, 2019

As a leading brand, Yung-Ching Realty Group has been pursuing industry innovation and enhancing the quality of customer service to protect consumer’s interest. We believe in two concepts: “Happy employees make the great customers satisfaction!” and “The level of employee happiness determines company’s competitiveness.” We introduced the Yung-Ching Well-being Trilogy to establish a friendly working environment. In 2018, we upgraded Yung-Ching Well-being Trilogy into Yung-Ching Well-being Three Arrows, aimed at supporting employees’ career development and forging a happy and sustainable workplace.


(1) Construct open and effective communication in the organization.

  • Sectoral meetings to reach consensus, communicate, and nurture organizational culture.
  • Merit-based promotion, reward based on ability and not seniority, cultivating the future workforce and finding the best talent.
  • Horizontal organization, building a rapid response capability.
  • Encourage employees to participate in decision making and propose improvement plans to optimize work procedures. Openly award and honor outstanding proposals quarterly.
  • Promote logistic administrative teams with proactive and reliable attitude to provide prompt service and strategy support for front line agents and clients. The administrative team is honored quarterly to promote the team’s sharing and customer-driven culture.

(2) “Work smartly, Live healthily” philosophy

  • Create “I-plus intelligent agent”, the mobile service platform offering precise matching functionality. This improves agent’s efficiency significantly, and realizes the promise of “work smartly.”
  • The policies of “Flexible eight working hours’ shift” and “Humanized shift arrangement” allow agents to find work-life balance based on their own situation and needs.
  • Organize 3 sports games annually. We are the first realty company to receive a “sports loving corporation certification” issued by the Taiwan government.

(3) Innovation in talent management. Creating a working system that employee can actually enjoy in work. Introduce gamification in the workplace. It makes employee feel that completing the task is just like clearing a stage in the video game. The employees can also be rewarded with restaurants or accommodation coupons, or computers, and communication and consumer electronics.

(1) Provide a well-planned career development plan and vision to all employees: We offer professional and management positions for each employee at every career stage, employees can make career choices based on their personal career plan.
(2) Job rotation program across departments and functions. It enables the employees to gain exposure to different parts of the business while growing and expanding skill sets, management experience and capability in particular.
(3) Comprehensive career training and development program: The programs include online EMBA /mobile learning course/On-job-training program.

(1) Market competitive compensation and bonus

  • Guaranteed NTD 50K monthly salary in the first 9 months for new agents. Provide renting compensation for agents from other towns. Provide an over 360 hrs’ realtor training courses for new agents to help them establish a solid professional foundation.
  • Provide up to NTD 2.5 million “Happy home building fund” for each agent annually, helping high-performance agents to become homeowners.
  • Monthly promotion policy for sales unit. Evaluate and assess employee performance monthly. Every agent has the opportunity to be promoted monthly.
  • Despite the recession in the industry, the employees in logistic administrative units received a pay raise three times in four years.
  • Great employee benefits, including overseas travel, quarterly department banquet fund, three Chinese festival grants payment, etc.
  • Offer annual vacations and volunteer vacations better than government regulations.

(2) Employee and family happy together

  • Caring Phone interview for the family of every new employee.
  • Year-end party, company retreat, and charter bus during lunar New Year for all the employees and their families.
  • Welcome employees’ family to join company’s honoring ceremony and banquet.
  • Encourage employees to find partners for life within the company. Since the company was established, there are over 300 couples who met their spouses in the company.

We commit to realize the belief of “work smartly, live healthily.” Apart from decent compensation and bonus, Yung-Ching also creates a joyful working environment with teamwork spirit. All the efforts are aimed at providing employees a well-round life through strategy, system, teamwork, and sharing growth.