Friday, June 25, 2021

We are Fonterra, a global dairy nutrition company owned by 10,000 New Zealand farmers. Our co-operative is united by a fundamental belief in the power of dairy to make a difference. We’ve built our expertise on the legacy of the thousands of farmers who have made New Zealand a world leader in dairy.

Fonterra employs more than 22,000 passionate people around the world. With a can-do attitude and a collaborative spirit, we’re a world leading dairy exporter – shaping the industry in quality and innovation. We share the goodness of dairy nutrition with more than 140 markets through our innovative consumer, foodservice and ingredient solutions brands.
Fonterra dairy first hit Thailand’s shores in the 1950s, kicking off our history of delivering high quality nutrition that Thais love. Today, our range of tasty and nutritious dairy products caters to Thai families, mums-to-be, people looking to maintain their bone health and mobility and everyone in between.

Our vision for Fonterra Brands Thailand (FBT) is to create “a strong, sustainable, growing business which is a source of pride for employees and admiration for others”. We work towards this vision by focusing on growing sales, profit and people. This clear and compelling direction is both easy to understand and meaningful to our employees and it is our inspiration to come and enjoy work every day.

We believe our people are our most valuable asset and the key to our future success. FBT believes in creating a workplace where our 68 strong team are motivated to do their best every day, form lasting relationships and receive the right opportunities to learn and grow.

In pursuit of creating a healthier and happier workplace, we measure engagement levels among our people annually. Based on the results, we make improvements and adjustments to our management practices. Over the past 5 years we have seen a gradual increase in engagement levels, building up to our current historical high at 87%. We believe that following five core areas has helped us make a positive impact and build strong engagement levels in the business.

  • Fonterra Values at the heart of our culture
    Fonterra has a unique culture which is based on its values. Our four values – Co-operative spirit, Do what’s right, Challenge boundaries, and Make it happen – tell a meaningful story of our past, present and future. Our values define our actions, our behaviours, and what’s expected of us as a world leader in dairy nutrition.
  • Linking Performance Management to our strategic approach
    “This is Fonterra (TIF) Framework”, is the vehicle steering us towards our vision, keeping our values at the centre. Annual performance plans for employees are directly linked to the TIF Framework, giving them clear visibility of how their actions help us deliver on our vision. 50% of employee performance plans consist of Performance Goals, with 50% given to Fonterra values, providing a balanced and integrated approach to performance management.
  • All our employees have potential
    Our Talent Management approach is based on the Future Potential model. We believe that all our employees have potential and through the talent management process, we try to answer the question – “Potential for what?” Our employees go through formal career conversations at least once a year, where our People Managers identify talent development plans that will support employees’ aspirations. At the same time, our Leadership Team build a talent pipeline for our critical roles.
  • Recognizing the right behaviours and actions
    Our local recognition programme – “Be Extraordinary” is based on three pillars:

    • Value Recognition aims to recognize employees who model Fonterra values. We have a recognition board to capture the value behaviours with the help of our employees.
    • Extra-Mile Recognition aims to identify employees who go beyond living these values and generating tangible results. Many areas of the business nominate people to this recognition category on a monthly basis.,
    • Impact Awards aims to recognize individuals and teams who make a substantial impact on our business results and reputation through their initiatives. Three winning individuals and/or teams are selected bi-annually following an application and selection process. Impact Award winners progress to the global recognition programme, where they have an opportunity to showcase their work on a global stage and compete with winners from other countries and regions.
  • Creating an advocate mindset through Health, Safety & Wellbeing (HSW)
    Our HSW intent is that “our people are healthy, live with balance and go home safely, everyday”. The safety of our people is our number one priority, and is supported by a cross-functional HSW team.

    • Our people are healthy ”: We have a range of wellbeing initiatives ranging from sports activities to massages. We also provide annual health screening and vaccination programmes for health measurement and prevention purposes.
    • Live with balance ”: We have global programme rollouts that focus on the physical and mental health of our people – “60 day challenge”, “Better You” and “R U OK”.
    • Go home safely ” – We have identified 7 Life Savers that help us give the right focus to be safe at work and beyond. HSW moments and HSW walks help us to identify risk and have the right conversations to give our people an advocate mindset.

For us, being “a great place to work” is a journey rather than a destination. During this journey we have accumulated many success stories. We love to share these stories with the rest of the world. We are in the process of developing our Employer Branding strategy that will enable us to tell more stories and inspire generations to come.