Thursday, December 3, 2020

Second Home, to create a happy smile and sustainable growth for Neo People.

“We are a part of your lifestyle and happiness” is Neo Corporate’s motto that drives us to deliver the best quality products to our customers. “At Neo, we aim to create happiness and improve the quality of life for our people because we want them to have the best possible work experience since our people’s success means our organization’s success as well”, said Mr. Suthidej, Neo Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

One of Neo’s core business philosophy is that we strongly believe and respect the value of “People”. Our management and resources prioritize personnel; thus, we integrate human development with innovations to increase our people’s engagement and a sense of pride in being a part of Neo so that everyone walk towards becoming one of Asia’s leading FMCG companies.

There are several approaches we create to focus on people development. These include:
The Best Employer Approach, to motivate our people to become passionate in driving their work performances to succeed, such as joining hands both within their own function and cross-function to work as a team. This is so called “sweat for success”.

Happiness and Work Life Balance, to engage our people with Neo Working Style:

  • New: Passion to challenge new things with innovative ideas to meet organization goals
  • Enjoy: Be happy and fun at work every day with high commitment
  • Ownership: Be accountable for your own works or indirect works, taking into account of the mutual benefits of the whole organization.

Culture or Neo DNA Approach “A C T I V E”. Numerous activities are developed to generate cross-functional interaction. Under the concept of “Stay Happiness”, we create leisure activities such as designing hand-made notebooks using recycled materials, planting edible herbs on office rooftop, decorating the lobby area with our products etc. We organize every activity with the purpose of helping our people to become proud of being a part of Neo. These activities come in various forms – some of which involve the use of social media as an easily accessible tool for communicating and bringing people together. A good example is “Inspire@Heart”, which aims to create an atmosphere of appreciation among Neo people. Via a mobile application, colleagues can send appreciation to those who perform well according to the core values of “ A C T I V E” where the winner will be rewarded as our DNA Ambassador and participants can exchange their appreciation coins for soft drinks and cakes at our cafeteria.

Happy Workplace”. To create a shared feeling that Neo is a “second home” where everyone stays happy, we design a “Loft Style” office, provide wide-ranging facilities and several green zone areas. To create a green environment, we educate our people to understand the importance of such environment and get them to separate garbage and reduce the use of plastics. Additionally, we study potential ways to recycle and have started processing recycled plastic bottles into bricks or chip boards as well as converting disposed food waste into soil for planting. At Neo, we grow organic vegetables, sell them at reasonable price to encourage our people to consume fresh products, either at their home or at the cafeteria where they are cooked for free. and use the proceeds to buy more seeds for cultivation.

Good Health Approach.
People’s health is equally important. We arrange a rooftop fitness room and multi-purpose yard for various fitness activities (Yoga, Zumba, etc.), a running or jogging track in the garden and a space for fresh and non-toxic vegetables gardening. At our cafeteria, we prepare a special healthy menu for those who need them, under one of the healthy programs “60 Days Challenge Fit for Fun”. We believe healthy minds and bodies lead to higher productivity.

Neo Corporate continues to adhere to the development of “People” through the concept 70:20:10 – 70% development through real experience like Project Assignment, 20% learning from other people both from internal mentors like executives from all levels and external professional consultants and 10% from various development programs. Our people is a key success factor, their career path and development plan will be developed individually based on the learning road maps in numerous fields at an advanced level, e.g. Digital & Disruptive Knowledge, in order to gear up the growth for Neo and our people.

Because every single person is an integral part of Neo’s growth, we strive to develop everyone from every level, both colleagues and supervisors, by designing and directing their career paths with them.

To summarize, Neo creates happiness at work while cultivating attitudes and values to create an atmosphere where Neo People feel that everyday work is fun and valuable, and they have to strive to do better because Neo People’s success is Neo Corporate’s success.