Friday, November 27, 2020

Established in 1960, the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) is primarily concerned with the distribution and provision of electric energy services to 74 provinces in Thailand, covering 99.98% of the country.

PEA has strategies and policies to transform the organization into PEA Digital Utility. Management and Organization Development Guidelines are carried out under the KEEN14 Policy; “Keep Improving Existing Business, Enhance New Business, Employ Innovation and Technology, and Nourish Human Resource”. The key components of the policy are categorized into 14 strategic practices with essential operations in each department comprising organization and grid system development, new business development, innovation and digital technology, human resource development under Good Corporate Governance, and sustainability build to fulfill customers’ and market requirements, ready to move towards the Digital Utility era.

PEA attaches great importance to human resource management and development by creating HR systems to enhance the potential of high performance employees. PEA concerned and well-prepared to develop the capabilities of our employees to promote innovation systematically, to increase productivity and to approach the organizational strategic positioning. In accordance with the organization management and development guidelines under the KEEN 14 policy, this is defined as the core strategy of human resources in 5 areas as follows;

  • Business Performance – This strategy creates efficiency for human resource role as a Strategic Partner with organizations linking the Key Indicators of the organization, departments and employees together in consistent goals. PEA determines the attributes of employees, systems and organization structure with appropriate features and functional enhancement that support PEA achievement through Competency TRUST+E: T-Technology Savvy, R-Rush to service, U-Under Good Governance Principles, S-Specialist, T- Teamwork and E-Engagement.
    TRUST+E are the general employee’s competencies for performing the main functions of PEA business. However, more specifications on each job responsibility is necessary for additional competencies.
    PEA continues to develop the skills and capacities of employees in order to improve the implementation of energy services and attain customer’s satisfaction of products and services through PEA’s human resource development plans which align together with competencies model. PEA focuses on the workforce to be creative and develop potential innovation to support core business and new business related to the digital utility. The concept of “Development of human resources through innovation and operational performance through technology” are key elements.
  • Quality of Work Life – Good quality of life and work life balance are incorporated into every department’s action plans to create a happy workplace in the organization. PEA realizes the importance of the different requirements of each generations and employee satisfaction and engagement surveys are emphasized directly to employee experience plans for sustainable growth in the organization. I-Wish is one of the project launched to promote a conducive environment for employees, including allowing them to work from anywhere. PEA realizes that the workplace must project a Sense of Happiness (WISH). Fitness room, medical service center, child care service, employee bus service and meditation room are provided to support work life balance.
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility are part of the human capital management process. Good corporate governance is explicitly defined in the HR process through transparency covering recruitment and selection, career advancement, performance management system and standardized compensation.
  • Learning Organization – Focus on developing potential high performance employees. Additionally, PEA supports technology to provide continuous learning to promote creativity and innovative thinking. Knowledge Management is one of the major platforms to facilitate employees for knowledge sharing through PEA GURU. To maximize the potential of employees and develop hard skills and soft skills, PEA sets various activities for boost employee experience, knowledge sharing and battleground for competition such as PEA Think Tank, PEA conference and Innovation Exhibition which are important yearly events.
  • Adaptability Culture – Strengthen the core value (Modernization, Excellent service and Good Governance) to adapt to corporate culture in behavioral expectation “TRUST+E”. Enhancing the engagement of employees is the key to build cooperation and coordination in every line function. Core Value is the mechanism to drive the organization’s mission, vision and goals for sustainable growth.

The overall purpose of Human Resource function is to attract, develop, deploy and retain talents to be partners with PEA.
Our efforts in business improvements for the past 59 years have been recognized through several awards, including 7 awards for outstanding enterprises (SOE Award), Provident Fund: Best of the Best Awards, Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) 2019: 1 Tambon 1 Electrician, PEA Innovation HUB and more.

AS PEA moves into its 59th year, it enters a new chapter of challenges with changes in technology and government policy that will have a significant impact in the structure of the electricity industry. PEA is committed to embrace these changes by aiming to be excellent in the Electrical Energy Business, meet the expectations of customers and contribute values to the society and environment by using digital technology, in order to take PEA along the road to becoming a “PEA Digital Utility”.