Friday, June 25, 2021

“Believing in our people as human capital, the purpose of our endeavor is therefore to invest and grow.”
—Dr. Agapol Na Songkhla, Chief People Officer, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited

As the ASEAN leader in total beverages business, ThaiBev believes that our people are the power that drives the organization towards our vision. Recognized as the Global Beverage Industry Leader in Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, we aspire to continue to be a force to create and share the value of growth for our stakeholders. In 2019, we have expanded to more than 60,000 employees globally with our employer brand espousing the belief for Limitless Opportunities.

  • Opportunities to develop and grow full potential: As an ASEAN company with global aspirations, ThaiBev attaches great importance to helping our employees to grow in their careers. We are committed to giving challenging opportunities to all employees.
  • Opportunities to connect and build a strong network: ThaiBev places importance on building a network of relationships, collaborating within and outside the organization, promoting friendship and good relationships among employees, connecting with stakeholders and society as a whole.
  • Opportunities to make a difference to society: ThaiBev embodies the passion to bring benefits to the community, society and economy. We provide opportunities for every employee to positively benefit others through far reaching initiatives in five pillars namely education, arts, sports, public health, and community development.

ThaiBev aspires to be a company that fosters strong employee engagement and high performance culture. While solidifying our vision as the stable and sustainable ASEAN leader in total beverages business, ThaiBev has also strengthened our employee engagement to reach top tier company level according to international benchmarks. Our employee engagement grew from the love in our brands which continues adding to the iconic Chang beer with healthy ranges of beverages including Oishi green tea, 100 Plus isotonic drinks as well as a recent investment in the Starbucks operations in Thailand.

We place great efforts in creating a global culture for the ever-expanding businesses, now proudly holding number one market positions in five ASEAN countries from Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia to Myanmar and Vietnam, the latter via investments in the SABECO, brewer of Bia Saigon.

Along with the growth, ThaiBev Group global values were born involving more than 300 top executives from around the world aligning the essence of our three shared values: Collaboration, Creating Value, and Caring for Stakeholders. Roll-out of global values has boosted the belief in our mission together, generating stronger engagement with employees. More than 1,000 people participated in our inaugural WOW Awards in 2018, where innovations and global values came together.

Over the past three years, ThaiBev continued to place importance on the employee engagement survey. Each year after the results of the annual survey, local and central teams are formed to execute action plans to further improve the employee engagement. True to our employer branding of limitless opportunities, among the highest scoring dimensions in the latest survey were the sense of accomplishment from work, the healthy challenges of work, and the fit of work with employees.

At ThaiBev, we have many locations which we offer our employee to work from as flexible workplace. Recently launched places include our new ThaiBev Quarter building, ThaiBev City Campus in the heart of downtown Bangkok as well as ThaiBev Sky Lane Lounge by the world class bicycle tracks on the premise of Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

We have Flexible Working Hour for employee whose works require degree of flexibility. In order to support our employee, we have adopted SAP Success Factor, branded as “Beverest” across multiple countries. Our employees are connected at their fingertips anytime anywhere.

Our occupational health and safety policy focus on developing a good quality of working life and best practices at workplace. We continuously employ various management systems to prevent possible harm for example, Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), the workplace safety manual, the work safety week, including regular training courses and workshops.

Believing in diversity and inclusion, we aspire to put in place employee benefits that cater to different groups of employees. Most recently, ThaiBev has endorsed the maternity leave to be expanded from 90 days to 100 days. We continue to implement benefits at important life events of not only employees but also their key family members.

ThaiBev has many thoughtful benefits to our elder employees, with elaborate programs prior to their retirements. Our annual gala “From the proud work days to happy retirement” celebrate employees at all level, and recently expanded into over-night events with workshops, sharing and networking.

In addition to core benefits, ThaiBev is also launching an innovative new platform for our employee to recognize their achievement through “Point System”. In this program, employee can be recognized real time as ThaiBev Points from supervisors and peers, where the points can be redeemed as gift or used to further recognized others. This new innovative practice will continue to foster a culture of recognitions while expanding to cover a wide range of gifts and services from our group and partners.

“As CEO, my job is to create value from growth and share the opportunities with our stakeholders, especially employees. It is truly our intention when we say there are limitless opportunities at ThaiBev,”
— Mr. Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi, President and CEO of ThaiBev.