Friday, June 25, 2021

Minor Food is one of today’s largest casual-dining and quick-service restaurant companies with over 2,200 outlets operating in 27 countries worldwide. As the first company to introduce international-style pizza to Thailand in the early 1980s, Minor Food has always been recognized as a constant forerunner and innovator in the ever-changing landscape of the global foodservice industry that always turns our eyes towards the future to stay on top of the game, ahead of the pack while leading change for the better, we are unwaveringly passionate and committed to delivering our customers catering-to-your-taste-buds food and tailored-to-your-exact-needs service, a winning combination that conjures up customers’ superlative dining experience. Moreover, we are uniquely capable of enhancing all the senses. With an aim to become a global foodservice and restaurant chain operator of world leading brands, we provide 100% satisfaction to even the most discreet, discerning stakeholders while helping in maximising their values.

At Minor Food, we accept nothing less than perfection when it comes to ensuring our beloved customers have the time of their life at our restaurants. Nowadays, we proudly operate globally acclaimed food retail brands worldwide. Our fast-growing portfolio currently comprises The Pizza Company, Swensen’s, Sizzler, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Basil, The Coffee Club, Riverside Grilled Fish and Benihana, as well as restaurants under Select Service Partners brands. Moreover, under our food division’s belt are dairy product manufacturing facilities in Thailand under the names of Minor Cheese Limited (MCL) and Minor Dairy Limited (MDL), a key supplier to various restaurant operations of its parent as well as a major supplier to companies outside the group in Thailand’s and regional foodservice sector.

We strive hard for collective purposeful goals with unwavering will and ambition. Minor Food has fostered a culture of high-trust collaboration where employees embrace empathy and respect, set clear expectations and adopt healthier risk attitudes, to drive ideation and a sense of ownership that ensures each employee has a personal stake in team-wide endeavors, feeling comfortable taking matters into their hands, and offering out-of-the-box thinking and creativity. In doing so, the company makes sure that there are always a clear end in sight and room for growth, both for themselves and the business. This is part of the reason behind our success as well as our employees’, which, in turn, bring progress to the community and the people we serve.

Our employees will experience a fast-growing and entrepreneurial work environment that brings out their best performance. Our leaders are committed to helping employees fulfil their potential and to developing the skills that will enable them to take up leadership roles within the company.

“People build brands, brands don’t build people”
— William Heinecke, Chairman / Group Chief Executive Officer

“Leaders should always be ready to unlearn and relearn to let go of old ways and embrace new ideas to grow faster than the competition.”
— Paul Kenny, Chief Executive Officer

“We strongly believe that people are much more capable and exceptional than they give themselves credit for, so we always encourage our people to believe in their own capabilities, to embrace the person they can become and realise their maximum potential despite doubt and hesitation.”
— Patamawalai Rattanapol, Chief People Officer

What Does It Take to Unlock Impossibilities?

To Unlock Impossibilities, it takes a special kind of drive, desire to seize opportunities, determination to make things happen, and a spirit that will not break.

This is what makes us who we are at Minor Food – a shared value that extends beyond us as individuals to the teams we work in. We also develop shared goals based on mutual respect and fair work ethics and support one another to make sure that everyone achieves them. Above all, we pride ourselves on ensuring that nothing stands in the way of 100% stakeholders’ satisfaction. And this is what unlocks our success.

Minor Food. Drive that unlocks impossibilities.

Customers come first. That’s our belief in everything we do, every day.

Working with passion and energy, we strive to achieve excellence in all our endeavours.

People development
Our people are given the opportunity to unlock and maximise their potential, rise to the challenge and go beyond.

Constantly changing how we do things allows us to improve and be the best at what we do.

Collaborating closely with our partners, we create a shared vision of growth and achieve it together.

Minor International
Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 – Leadership Excellence Award Thailand Management Association (TMA)

Best SET Sustainability Awards 2018 (SET Market Capitalization of Over Baht 100 Billion) The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Minor Food
Thailand’s Top Corporate Brand Values 2016, 2017, 2018 in Food & Beverage Sector , Chulalongkorn Business School and The Stock Exchange of Thailand

The Best Operator of the world 2016 , Burger King Asia Pacific