Friday, June 25, 2021

Tipco Foods Public Company Limited was established since 22 March 1976 with 4 subsidiaries which are principally engaged in the businesses of production and distribution of processed fruits, fresh fruits, fruit juice, vegetable juice, natural mineral water, ready-to-drink beverages, food and drink shops, herbal extracts, and agricultural products for domestic and overseas markets.

To realize our mission “Bring wellness to society”, TIPCO not only focuses on the needs of consumers but also leads and drives changes in consumers’ behaviors and living patterns. Leading and driving the market will enhance value to all stakeholders from employees, customers, trading partners, business alliances, shareholders and lenders to communities and society as a whole. That is, we aim to improve the well-being of each and every party.

To promote awareness of its stakeholders’ rights and ensure relevant implementation actions, the Company has defined its business framework through its vision and core values to drive sustainable growth. The corporate core values were determined according to the acronym of “TIPCO” as follows;
T – Teamwork
I – Innovation
P – Passion
C – Commitment
O – Openness

To reflect the Company’s strong commitment towards its internal and external customers across all functional units. All of the Company’s functional units shall have a service mind and offer quality products that meet the needs of consumers and service users.

As a part of the community, the Company is committed to environmental and social responsibility by acting as a good citizen and living with others in society with pride and dignity. The Company instills such concept into its employees at all levels. The concept of conducting business and performing duties by taking environmental and social responsibility seriously shall be adopted by all stakeholders of the Tipco Foods Group according to Tipco’s policy: “TIPCO develops business along with environment and society.’

TIPCO has adopted the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s 2012 Principles of Good Corporate Governance for Listed Companies as guidelines for its operations. The Company encourages its employees at all levels to perform duties with according to the good corporate governance principles with the aim of assuring its stakeholders that it has adopted the efficient, transparent, auditable, and fair management mechanism for increased value and corporate sustainable growth. In year 2017, the Company received a ‘Very Good’ rating from annual corporate governance assessment which conducted by the National Corporate Governance Committee.

We strive to take care of our employees wellness in all aspects both physical and psychological, we set 5 Homes to support all wellness needs to improve our employee engagement which are:-

Home of Knowledge, creating opportunities for employees to learn and become professionals, fulfil competencies as per their career path for their career growth and stability. The development plan was designed based on learning model in the 70 Experience – 20 Exposure – 10 Education for both compulsory and voluntary programs. We also provided opportunity to our employees to share their knowledge or create inspiration to their colleagues in our TIP-Talk forum.

Home of Sharing, allowing employees to express their kindness, thinking about others, generosity to all human kinds that will bring happiness and please as a provider through CSR activities all year round such as working with communities to improve their quality of life, volunteer participation in social assistances, sponsorship and supporting the group of handicapped on their earning opportunity, even donating items and/or grant to charitable authorities.

Home of Mind, providing employees to learn the basic virtue which is the basis of living together and is crucial to teamwork including faith in the religion by attending activities on important Buddhist days, listening to the Buddhist teachings from the monks, and participating in meditation and contemplation training.

Home of Fun, organizing employees’ activities which create the opportunities for them to engage with their colleagues throughout the year. Both at an important event of employee, such as their birthday celebration or holiday events, like Valentine’s Day, Songkran Festival, Mother’s Day or Christmas seasoning, as well as the annual company’s outing activities and year end/new year party to let them socialize and enjoy together during the year and at the year end.

Home of Health, encouraging employees to be healthy in both physically and mentally. Live with a happy life that is caused by knowing on their life and maintaining their health by encouraging employees to exercise through the ‘Fight your Fat’ and ‘Fight for Firm’ program, organizing internal sporting events/competitions and also ‘Prachuap Khiri run by Tipco’ marathon competition which we persuaded employees to join together with the public. In addition, the company also oversees the employees who are in the group or risk on NCDs by providing the medical meals to the employees to reduce the NCDs condition of our employees.

By all practices and actions we did, we just would like to emphasize our mission “Bring wellness to society” for enhancing our values and beliefs to all our stakeholders by making them desirous to work with or work for TIPCO.