When: 30-31 October 2019
Where: Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

The urgency of adapting to the modern workforce has become more apparent in the journey of mapping innovative rewards and compensation practices. Organisations and HR personnel need to think outside the box in order to deliver and design rewards programmes. It is an ongoing journey requiring regular course corrections to address the evolving needs of both the workforce and the organisation.

This conference will bring together industry experts and your peers in an interactive setting that encourages dialogue and discussion around the current issues facing benefits and compensation. Explore best practices and innovative ideas as well as tools and technologies which are critical to a company’s ability to compete for talent in today’s agile and digitally disrupted workforce. Delegates will walk away with insights on how to engage and retain their employees while increasing the ROI of their programs.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Preparing for the wave of digitisation to disrupt current compensation & benefits practices
  • Shifting the focus onto the employees well-being for a healthy workplace
  • Creating a roadmap for the future workforce with emerging technologies
  • Bolstering performance and behaviour with attractive incentive
  • Buying into the AI hype for enhanced compensation & benefits practices

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