Indonesia’s Ministry of Employment has recently issued new regulations with regards to job openings for foreign workers. The new regulations widens the number of positions open to expatriate workers with more than 2,000 job titles across 18 sectors which can now be filled by expatriates. Of the many sectors that have been made available to foreign workers, the construction, information technology, mining, and education sectors in particular hold the highest number of positions that can now be filled by expatriates.

The country’s Ministry of Manpower cited that the new regulation is aimed to fill out scarce professional talents needed for the positions. In addition, the new amendments are enforced in helping managers and professionals create a more diverse workplace which hopefully could boost employee development, thus, creating a more creative environment to work.

Employers are now obligated to assist any foreign workers they hire to obtain an employment visa. Said employment visa will allow foreign workers to work and live in Indonesia within specified time.

Indonesian Employment Visa

Currently, there are two types of employment visas available to expatriates who plan to live and work in Indonesia. These are the ITAS and KITAP visas.

ITAS is a limited stay permit issued by the Indonesia Immigration Directorate General through the local immigration office. To gain ITAS, foreign employees need to have a VITAS first. VITAS is the limited stay permit visa.

KITAP is a permanent stay permit that is available for application to only those foreigners who have held ITAS for a minimum of three consecutive years. KITAP can also be obtained for foreigners who have Indonesian spouses, foreigners investors, directors, or commissioners in an Indonesian Company, and foreigners wanting to retire in Indonesia. KITAP visas usually lasts for five years, following that, there won’t be changes to the status of the expatriate. Expatriates should only apply to get a new card.

Gaining Employment Visas

The procedure for actually obtaining a visa in Indonesia is fairly complicated and can only be carried out by an employer on behalf of their foreign employee. The procedures to obtain a visa are as follows:

  1. Seek government approval and submit and Expatriate Placement Plan (RPTKA)

This request is made in the form of a letter of announcement of employment contract agreement letter from the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM). Following this, employers will have to submit a RPTKA to the Ministry of Manpower. After being approved by the MOM Indonesia, the employer will acquire an ITAS for their employee.

  1. Report to MOM Indonesia and obtain IMTA

Following RPTKA approval, an employer will have to submit an application for IMTA and foreign candidate’s data information on aspects such as gender, nationality, place and date of birth, passport number, passport validity, position and period of work, education certificate, and certificate of work experience to Ministry of Manpower.

  1. Apply for Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) and Limited Stay Permit (ITAS)

Foreign workers will be granted a multiple re-entry permit to Indonesia with a validity period that is equal to ITAS. The amount of money you need to gain ITAS is between US$1,000 and US$1,200.

  1. Apply for a KITAS Card and Blue Foreigner’s Registration Book

After obtaining all of the above permits, KITAS Card and Blue Foreigner’s Registration Book will be given. These items will grant a stay of up to two years and can be extended for up to two years each time with a maximum of six years.

Employers are advised to seek professional guidance or advice before applying for employment permits, especially with regards to the required documentation needed for application.


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