The EtonHouse International Education Group is offering more than 100 positions at its international schools to recently retrenched staff from the Singapore Airlines (SIA) Group. The airlines recently announced that it would be slashing about 20 percent of its staff as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which as paralysed the air travel sector.

In its first phase of retrenchment, the SIA Group announced that 2,400 jobs across SIA, SilkAir, and Scoot in Singapore and overseas would be slashed as the impact of COVID-19 continues to hinder the business and growth of the airline industry.

In a recent statement issued, EtonHouse announced the job opportunities reserved for SIA Group’s retrenched workers.

“I am a frequent traveller of Singapore Airlines and I have always admired the professionalism of the SIA staff, the high standards of customer service and relationship building that they represent. hey also have a wealth of international experience and cultural understanding that they bring to their roles,” said EtonHouse Group founder and group managing director, Ng Gim Choo.

Mrs Ng has also mentioned that EtonHouse already have several former SIA employees onboard who started off as teaching assistants before rising up to positions such as principal and executive principal.

“As a part of this programme and profession, they can shape the lives of future generations. We also wish to play a part in supporting our society as we fight this difficult period caused by the pandemic,” she added.

EtonHouse currently runs 16 private schools in Singapore, ranging from playgroups to secondary and high schools. It has more than 120 international schools in 12 countries.

The group is offering two tracks for the SIA applicants, those being teaching and administration.

The teaching track lasts two years and the employees will be working part-time as a teaching assistant while they pursue an early childhood qualification from approved institutions. The group has also confirmed that in-house training and support will be conducted for the new hires to help bring them up to speed within the education sector.

Jobs available under the administrative track include parent liaisons, school management, or management roles in business development, communications and marketing. EtonHouse has confirmed that on-the-job training will be provided for these administrative roles, and that opportunities for professional development will be plenty.

The openings are available only to Singaporeans. While Singaporeans who were not from SIA Group may apply, the openings are primarily reserved for retrenched staff from the airline industry, a spokesperson from EtonHouse said.


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