With the COVID-19 pandemic causing millions to work from home, it is easy to see how many will eventually get bored or a little stir-crazy from being confined for a long period of time. With so much excess time, why not use this time to learn some new skills that can help you start climbing the career ladder as you work from home? Here are several skills that you can dedicate time to learning during this period of self-quarantine.


Microsoft Excel is one of the most important business tool in the world. Every office worker will have to make use of Excel at some point in their career. But who can truly say that they have mastered this program? Take the time to watch tutorials or experiment with the program yourself to get a better grasp of it. The most well-versed of Excel users can even automate many of their tasks.

Data Science

Data scientist is fast becoming one of the most in-demand jobs in the world and for good reason. Even if you are not a data scientist, having knowledge and technical know-how on subjects like machine learning or data analytics is always helpful no matter what position you hold. With such skills, you will be able to solve new, interesting and challenging problems that are becoming more evident in the digital age.


Copywriting is an essential component to any digital marketing team. Your practice need not be limited to professional writing either. A little bit of creative writing can go a long way in developing your writing skills; not to mention make it easier to garner attention. People with good copywriting skills are also often brought onboard crisis management teams due to their ability to devise appropriate and highly receptive responses to a crisis situation.

Video Editing

Videos are one of the most engaging forms of content in the world. A business that can fully utilise videos to their advantage will see great success. To that end, you will need proficiency in video editing software. There are plenty of video editing software available on the internet. Find a preferred and easy to use program and watch a few tutorials. By learning and experimenting with such software, you will be able to craft more professional and appealing videos that will help your company’s online presence shine.


Language is an art; and every single language is a unique masterpiece. Learning a new language grants you many advantages. It is especially helpful when you need to conduct business in a foreign country. Learning a new language can help when your company needs to expand overseas and negotiations are required. There are countless online courses and applications that you can take during the COVID-19 outbreak that can get you up to speed on a new language.

Public Speaking

Not everyone is made for public speaking. However, it is a good idea to have some public speaking skills as you never know when you might be selected to give a presentation or a short speech. It is especially easy to get started during the COVID-19 lockdown since you can start practicing with family or alone in your room. There are also many confidence building activities available on the internet to help you get started.

Project Management

Companies are almost always looking for ways to become leaner, more efficient, and cost-effective. As such, project managers are in near-constant demand. The economic downturned caused by the COVID-19 outbreak means that this demand for project managers will only go up. Take the time to learn some agile management practices, risk management strategies, and practical methods to enhance your leadership and management skills.


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