Hong Kong is doing rather well for itself during the Covid-19 recovery period. Despite the discovery of the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus, the city is still likely to see further stability and business growth throughout 2022. Many of the city’s businesses have already mostly recovered from the devastation of the pandemic, and the recently released 2022 Market Outlook & Salary Snapshot by Randstad provides HR with some new local business and talent market insights for consideration.

Increasing Demand for IT
Hong Kong is a city that is hungry for all things IT. From developers, data experts, analysts, and more, The demand for IT talent keeps increasing. Many organizations believe that competitive growth will rely on their ability to secure the right IT talent to facilitate further digital transformation. Unfortunately, the issues of a shrinking talent pool is just as apparent here as it is around the rest of the world. There simply are not enough potential IT candidates to go round, and the supply of new candidates is currently not enough to meet the demand.

Bilingual & Trilingual Skills Are In
As the world heads towards recovery, trade is has become more important than ever. Supply chains need to re-established and new trade deals need to be formed to make up for the disrupted supply lines. Professionals who are fluent in multiple languages, especially Mandarin, will be highly desirable in the near future.

Flexibility as a Core Pillar
Just like the rest of the world, employees in Hong Kong have realized the benefits of flexible working and how it can improve physical and mental health in the long run. As such, many Hong Kongers are hoping that organizations based in the city will adapt with the times. However, it seems more likely than many companies in Hing Kong are seeking to return to the pre-pandemic status quo of 9-to-6 working hours with little work flexibility. Considering that Hong Kong is already starved for manpower, it will be interesting to see how this dynamic will play out in the coming year.


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