Vaccine mandates have proven to be a highly controversial topic among business owners and employees. While some argue that such mandates should be compulsory to ensure the safety and health of everyone involved, others state that such mandates infringe on basic human rights. Regardless, there is a noticeable uptick in Singaporean employers that are beginning to include vaccination as a requirement in their job postings.

According to data gathered by Indeed, job listings in Singapore for the month of September 2021 that encouraged applicants to be fully vaccinated was up to 19 times in number compared to just two months prior.

Despite a steady rise on Covid-19 cases in recent weeks, companies are beginning to ramp up hiring efforts to make up for an ever shrinking talent pool. This was seen across sectors and job functions, suggesting an upward trend in business recovery as companies seek either to hire for existing or new positions.

The increasing push for mandatory vaccines seems to indicate strong support for the government’s push for higher vaccination levels amongst the populace in order to return to endemic levels. The Singapore government recently announced their intentions to reduce restrictions on travel as the nation sought to transition into a “new normal” of living with the coronavirus. As such, the ‘endemic’ strategy involves a continued push to achieve high vaccination rates.

In spite of HR and business leaders being encouraged to play their part in helping the nation achieve the highest vaccination rates possible, the shots remain voluntary in Singapore. Similarly, the government has made vaccine booster shots optional for all residents.

As Singapore moves forward, employers will have to be wary of potential discrimination with regards to vaccination. Imposing vaccinations on recruits can be an unfair practice if the same is not done for current employees.


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