Everyone has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic; no exceptions. Gig workers in particular have been hit rather hard by the decline in the global economy. As unemployment began to rise, more often than not, the gig workers were the first to go.

Most of the gig workers and self-employed are now looking for new sources of income. Prospects are looking a little better now that the pandemic is more or less contained, but demand for their services remain at an all time low. Another reason for why jobs are still so hard to come by is due to the increased competition caused by the massive influx of people looking for work.

There is a silver lining however. While slow, job listings are slowly returning to recruitment websites, and if history is any indicator, there’s a good possibility that remote freelance jobs will continue to increase just like the previous recession. The current economic climate is uncertain, and companies often turn to freelancers when it is not possible to employ full-time staff.

While the opportunities are out there, freelancers must still do what they can to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, that crowd has grown large in recent months, and no small amount of work will be needed to truly get ones name out there.

Here are some quick tips that can help you stand out:

Highlight previous remote work experience

When applying for a remote job, make sure to mention your previous remote work or learning experience throughout your resume and LinkedIn profile. This will give you an edge to stand out from a big crowd of people who are seeking remote work without that experience right now.

Emphasise communication abilities when talking with potential clients

A lot of companies and clients are new to remote work and hiring. As such, many appreciate people who are outstanding communicators both in writing and verbally. Mention your communication skills and the tools you use to stay in touch in your applications, portfolios, online profiles, and in discussions with potential employers.


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