It has recently been revealed that Singapore’s manufacturing sector has up to 6,370 jobs on offer, with up to one in ten of them being from the hard-hit marine and offshore sub-sector.

These make up over 60 percent of the more than 10,400 job, traineeship and training opportunities available as at the middle of October, said the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in its weekly jobs situation report.

This is a rather optimistic sign as the 6,370 jobs available in the sector is almost double the 3,200 openings at the end of August.

At a virtual conference held today, MOM’s Manpower Minister, Josephine Teo, said that within the manufacturing sector, electronics, precision engineering and food manufacturing had the greatest number of available openings.

She added that it is important to give job seekers an idea of the range of options available to them, and help them to get into these openings.

Of the currently available jobs being offered, seven in ten are classified as PMET; meaning they are positions that are available to professionals, managers, executives, and technicians.

According to the Straits Times, there are about 2,710 company-hosted traineeships and attachments, as well as 1,330 training opportunities.

Some 2,120 people have been placed into jobs, traineeships and training positions in the manufacturing sector as of the middle of last month, up from about 730 in end June.

About 1,350 of them found jobs. Another 320 were placed in traineeships and attachments, while 450 took on training openings.

Within the marine and offshore sub-sector, which has been hit particularly hard even before the pandemic hit due to lower demand for offshore rigs, there are more than 800 available opportunities, including 700 jobs. About 84 percent of job openings in the sub-sector are in PMET roles.

To position the sub-sector for recovery, the government has also extended the enhanced training support package to encourage companies to upskill their workers during this downtime. This includes receiving course fee subsidies for sending their employees for sector-specific training from last month to June next year.


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