Workplaces have begun making efforts to reopen their office spaces. While some companies have embraced the idea of a partial or fully remote workforce, most companies are hoping to bolster the workplace up to full capacity once more. In certain cases, said companies do not have a choice due to the nature of their trade. This is a telling sign that the world is finally transitioning into a new normal. However, the return to the office is not without its concerns. In a survey by Randstad US employees revealed their apprehension about returning to the workplace.

The top concern amongst employees were their organizations’ compliance with health and safety standards. Up to 73 percent of respondents have cited weariness about the threat of Covid-19. These fears are not unfounded as new variants of the coronavirus have recently been discovered, putting new risks of another wave of infections on the table.

Staff are also worried on matters such as vaccinations and workplace relationships inside the office. Up to 38 percent said they would prefer if their organizations required proof of vaccinations for anyone who are to return to the office. About 34 percent are also concerned about the vaccination status of their colleagues.

The only way that companies can help to curb these fears is to be proactive in addressing these concerns. Based on the survey, most employees want their employers to implement new sanitation processes, enforce mask mandates, and continue social distancing policies and frequent temperature checks. Many are also hoping for employers to lead the charge in the fight against the coronavirus.

Thanks to the ‘Great Resignation’ and an already shrinking talent pool, employees are in the driver seat when it comes to recruitment and retention. Organizations will have to commit to workplace safety as a core aspect of their growth strategies and company cultures if they intend to be an employer of choice in the coming year.


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