The threat of the Covid-19 pandemic is finally subsiding. While it is unlikely that we will be returning to a pre-pandemic situation anytime soon, a semblance of normalcy is now returning to daily life across the world. As such, the Singapore government will be moving forward with it’s plans to gradually reduce support for individuals and businesses who have been affected by the pandemic as it exits the Stabilization Phase.

The Jobs Support Scheme for certain sectors will be extended until 19 December, but at 10 percent wage support instead of the current 25 percent. As a result of the looming recovery, many employees have been considering leaving their current jobs in a ‘great resignation’, leaving many positions open and triggering a hiring frenzy among businesses.

The Support Scheme will continue to affect sectors such as F&B, retail, cinemas, museums, family entertainment, tourism, gyms and fitness studios, as well as performing arts and arts education.

Hawker stall and food sellers in markets that are managed by NEA or NEA-appointed operators will continue to receive a half-month rental waiver.

The measures mentioned above is part of a S$90 million support package that was recently announced.


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