A sense of normalcy is slowly returning to the world. As the world begins to pick up the pieces on the road to recovery, the battle between remote vs return-to-office patrons is heating up. There is definitely no denying that remote work quite literally saved the day – allowing employers to remain profitable during the pandemic; or at the very least stay afloat during these trying times. However, is it really fair to except this to continue in a COVID-free world? Afterall, some cities are more amenable to hybrid models than others – as a recent report highlighted.

Nestpick’s Work-From-Anywhere Index has pinpointed the top 75 cities to work from home in – with Melbourne taking the number one spot. Looking at factors such as costs and infrastructure, legislation, freedoms and liability, the report analysed 75 global cities to find a unique ranking for each. The research took into consideration COIVD vaccination rates, cost of living, LGBTQ equality, internet speeds, weather, and culture to create the data.

The top 20 cities to work from home are as follows:

1. Melbourne
2. Dubai
3. Sydney
4. Tallinn
5. London
6. Tokyo
7. Singapore
8. Glasgow
9. Montreal
10. Berlin
11. Prague
12. Toronto
13. Chicago
14. Hong Kong
15. Lisbon
16. Cape Town
17. Edinburgh
18. Vienna
19. Los Angeles
20. New York

“The Work-from-Anywhere Index uses data to determine the global cities with the best legislation, infrastructure, and livability in place to relocate to and work remotely from,” the report reads. “The study compares and analyses 75 cities according to 16 diverse factors to create a final ranking based on a total score.

“The cities were selected from a list of global locations renowned as popular destinations for relocation and livability, including those who have demonstrated willingness to encourage foreign-employed workers to move there.”


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