Some new research has popped up with some interesting insight on the results of working from home. According to a survey that was commissioned by Aviva Life and Pensions, people who had begun working from home as a result of the pandemic are four times more likely to have a better work-life balance. On the other hand, said research has also revealed that one in five workers have not taken any annual leave as they felt there was nowhere to go and nothing to do.

It was also revealed that one in five people surveyed said that despite an overall improvement in work-life balance, they found that they seem to not be able to take any breaks during a work-from home setting. More specifically, approximately 47 percent of employees working remotely said they had a better work life balance since the outbreak of the pandemic. 36 percent said that there was little to no noticeable change in their lifestyle, while up to 17 percent said that their work-life balance has worsened. The number who felt they had a better balance since the pandemic began was four times higher than those who are not working from home.

Only about 10 percent of those surveyed said that working from the workplace was better for their work-life balance compared to working from home. Up to 75 percent of those working in the office said they felt no big difference. However, 15 percent stated that the felt much worse working at the workplace.

Almost half of employees surveyed stated that they still take their usual amount of annual leave, but some mentioned that they did so because their employers did not allow for said leave to be carried over. However, up to 15 percent said that they had taken less leave due to the pandemic.


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