By Lim Fang How, Regional Director for Southeast Asia, Zebra Technologies

The Singapore Government has done an astounding job in helping enterprises improve their productivity and gain their performance edge as they continue to expand both locally and globally. To take things to the next level, Singapore enterprises will have to adopt cutting-edge technology to enhance their businesses. They will need to better equip their employees with the right tools to achieve greater efficiency and better results.

In today’s on-demand economy, service expectations have grown dramatically. Online reviews and social media have also empowered customers with tools to hold enterprises accountable for their brand experience. It has become crucial for enterprises to adapt to today’s on-demand environment in order to gain a competitive edge.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy, and enterprises will need to adopt different solutions that best fit their needs. That said, enterprises across varying sectors have unanimously agreed that technology can help them to achieve greater growth.

For instance, according to the Zebra Technologies’ Global Shopper Study 2019, 83 percent of retail decision makers agreed that store associates with mobile technology of their own can promote a better shopping experience. And up to 59 percent of decision makers’ companies are planning to increase their investments in both barcode scanner-equipped handheld mobile computers and rugged tablets by nearly 10 percent over the next three years.

Meanwhile, according to Zebra Technologies’ Future of Field Operations Asia Pacific Vision Study 2019, up to 44 percent of APAC organisations view mobility investment as a top priority. Up to 58 percent of APAC organisations are expanding mobile technology to enterprise-wide use, and this is expected to reach 97 percent by 2023.

As Singapore enterprises continue to aim for greater growth, they will need to be forward-thinking by embracing transformative, disruptive technologies that can help them optimize their operations and make business-critical decisions.


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