Regus Malaysia has recently launched their 34th coworking space at Menara Axis, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The building is situated at the busy intersection of the Federal Highway, providing it with both a centralised and easily accessible location. This is especially noteworthy as one of Regus’ core commitments is to provide convenience to improve both productivity and mental health.

Not only is it situated next to one of the busiest highways in the state, it is also conveniently located within a short walking distance to the Asia Jaya Putra LRT station; creating a crossroad for innovation, converging the different touchpoints of everyday commuters into opportunities and ideas.

Vijayakumar Tangarasan, Country Head of IWG Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei, said that coworking is a growing trend that will replace the traditional office space, but instead offer a solution for businesses to allow their employees greater flexibility and convenience. Additionally, having a fully stocked and functional coworking space and an option over a traditional office can help to reduce the stress of workers who may be living far away from their company.

With the issue of mental health becoming more prominent today, Tangarasan stressed the importance of providing a balanced workspace that caters to both the professional and leisure needs of a worker. Not only do they require access to a work space that is equipped with the adequate technology and services needed to conduct business, they also require a nice and relaxing atmosphere with amenities to keep stress levels down. This combined with a centralised location for the workspace, serves as an effective alternative for remote working that both SMEs and MNCs can utilise.

For businesses that are looking to improve the mental health of their employees, Tangarasan recommends the consideration of flexible working hours. With the changing nature of the business ecosystem, employees are both busier and always on the move.

Flexible working hours is a rather effective solution to this issue. Giving employees the option of choosing when and where they can contribute their time to their work is not only a boon for a business’ productivity, it is also a great benefit for the employees themselves, who would surely appreciate being able to attend to their personal responsibilities during traditional; “working hours”.


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