The world is in the midst of Industry 4.0. Business systems and strategies are changing; and what defines a truly “developed” economy is being altered as we speak. Businesses, specially smaller ones such as SMEs, are now required to digitally transform and disrupt in order to keep pace with the rest of the business world. Those that fail to do so risk being left behind as the pace of the global economy accelerates.

However, many business owners and leaders might not know where to start. What is disruption, really? How would it affect the business and the people who work there? Such questions weigh heavily on all leaders, often leading to hesitation.

The simplest solution to this dilemma is so straightforward that one might forget that it is a viable option. That is to go out to seminars and events and network with others that have already begun their journey of disruption. It is easy to forget in today’s digital age that face-to-face networking is still a large part of conducting business. One should not easily discount the effectiveness of utilising the wisdom of those who have come before us.

Contacts that you make when you meet people are not just for understanding the trends around the industry, they are also potential business leads. By communicating professionally and being sensitive to timing and common courtesy, businesses may find that more often than not, your contacts will come back to you eventually if they have need of the services that you explained to them during your face-to-face meeting.

Building contacts through such method can gain a business indispensable allies and assistance when trying to begin their own disruptive journey. These types of relationships and “inside” information can give you an advantage over your competitors by having the guidance and expertise of companies that are already disruptive and through the implementing fresh ways of doing things.

DisruptHR is a good place to start networking and learning about the changing nature of the business ecosystem. It is a globally renown event that holds talks in many different cities around the world while consistently offering excellent speakers stemming from innovative companies that are ahead of the crowd. The event is especially helpful for those seeking to transform their businesses’, especially with regards to talent, culture, and technology.

The recently held DisruptHR Kuala Lumpur in particular played hose to a number of prominent HR leaders who shared enlightening topics such as co-creating the employee experience and the flaws of cultural fit assessment in recruiting.

Leaders and decision makers who are still hesitating to implement change are highly encouraged to pay a visit to one of these events of disruption. By doing so, they will likely gain enough know-how and contacts before long to build the courage to take that first step on the road to disruptive transformation.


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