Established in Asia in 2013, FWD is the insurance business of investment group, Pacific Century Group. FWD is focused on creating fresh customer experiences, with easy-to-understand products, supported by digital technology. Through this customer-led approach, FWD has grown rapidly across the region and established itself as an innovative, dynamic player across our key markets.

FWD Vietnam was established in 2016 and is a member of FWD Group. Well recognized with breakthrough products; high-quality distribution channels; digitalized business processes and differentiated branding strategies, FWD is one of the fastest-growing life insurance companies in the market. The company is expanding its presence through significant partnerships with Vietcombank, ACB, ABBank, Nam A Bank and Tiki.


Positioning ourselves as a different kind of insurance company, FWD’s vision is to “change the way people feel about insurance”. Aligned with the aspirational vision, our People Strategy is set to “be different through BOLD initiatives and differentiated Employee Experience”.

We engrave this strategy with the four Es: Empower, Enhance, Engage and Enabler. Let’s explore further:

Empower through our Talent Strategy

Our talent framework is very special and unique to only FWD. Our talent called Everyday Trailblazer symbolized as a persistent high achiever who lives and breathes our values, dares to be different, challenging and testing new ideas to support the achievement of our vision.

We identify our talents by four banding including Everyday Trailblazer, Emerging Star, Vital Core and Transition. The progression of Talent review with aiming high percentage of Everyday Trailblazers and Emerging Stars secures our business sustainability thru people by succession planning focusing on internal career and development growth as a philosophy.

Enhance people with Leadership & People Capabilities

Our employee development experience framework focuses on developing our talent from different angles based on 70-20-10% development framework.

At Group-wide, selected potential talents and leaders at different levels have opportunities to join Futurewise University Program, Futurewise Program and experiencing Development Days at Development Center.

Locally, our unique C@Connect Program is comprehensively designed with different subject areas to sharpen leadership capabilities and prepare our next generation of leaders for their future key leadership roles.

Our signature FWD Core programs include Leading Self, Leading Collaboration, Leading Innovation and Leading Customer Experience. These are DNA courses where we embed the company’s vision, strategies and values into the purpose of individuals.

We empower our employees to take ownership of your development and strongly believe in the self-directed learning motivation. The workshop “Own your Career” and “I-develop” program enable our employees with flexibility to choose their own development courses with company’s financial support.

Engage for High Performance Culture

Our values – ‘CIPOC’ stands for Committed, Innovative, Proactive, Open and Caring. It is the compass guiding our daily interaction and activities.

At FWD, we are Committed to succeed together and deliver our promises. Being a challenger brand, we always seek new ideas and Innovative to make things better. We think ahead and are Proactive to perform with passion. We are Open to do the right thing. And we are Caring by believing everyone matters and seeing the world through each other’s points of view.

With the values that we live by, our aspirational culture entails being Simple, Flexible, Inclusive, Empowered, Trust and Community.

Our FWD Care benefits embrace 5 elements of Wellbeing as core in its design. We keep creating more opportunities for employees to spend valued time with their families in the time of need and to recharge energy at their own space and interest through creative programs such as Work from home and Flexi work hours.

FWD Performance Management Model offers flexibility and strong focus in employee’s development. Goals are set in 4 categories of People, Business, Customer and Development which can also be editable throughout the year. Our model enables more conversations between employees and managers through monthly conversation and quarterly check-ins. Getting and giving feedbacks from multiple stakeholders is simple and easy with our Anytime Feedback tool. We are committed to differentiate the way we reward people by their real performance and contribution.

On-the-spot recognition program i-appreciate is unique to FWD Vietnam and highly appreciated by all colleagues where we can praise other colleagues by observation their demonstrating of FWD values.

FLEXIBILITY & INNOVATION leverages us to be a different employer. Our Flexibility has been applied in 3 key areas including Flex resources, Flex development and Flex work arrangement

Innovation is at the core of our business and operations. One of our proud initiatives is “iDare”, which is our Vietnam version of FWD group-wide CEO challenge. Employees are encouraged to bring forward their innovative and impactful ideas into projects to help us achieve our vision. We received hundreds of ideas that were relevant, creative and able to be executed.

Enable our Employer Branding

Since establishment, we have strategically built meaningful employee experience journey, with the belief that that happy and proud employees will attract other happy employees to join us. We have received a good number of candidate referrals to join our team as we grow from 60 headcounts in 2016 to 340 at the end of 2019.

To contribute to the upskilling of the HR practitioners’ community, our top leaders were open to share FWD stories and best practices in different forums like Common Purpose – Global Leader Experience, Anphabe Best Places to Work Forum and Vietnam HR Awards Forum.

In less than 3 years of presence in Vietnam, we are also proud to be recognized and ranked 46th in Vietnam Best Places to Work in 2018 and 2019 by Anphabe.


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