About MoMo

With the belief that financial services and payment will contribute to changing Vietnamese lives and increasing their income, the company has successfully built a unique and innovative payment infrastructure that covers many services for customers.

MoMo is the leading company in Vietnam in providing e-wallet applications on mobile phones. Through strategic cooperation with banks and financial institutions, MoMo acts as an extended arm to bring financial and payment services to the people of Vietnam, especially in remote areas.

MoMo is an e-wallet application on smartphones with more than 16 million users. As a pioneering mobile payment platform in Vietnam, MoMo e-Wallet promotes a cashless economy and provides customers with one-touch payment experience, along with more than hundreds of service utilities, including money transfer, bills payment, airline tickets payment, train tickets payments, movie tickets, collection and mobile commerce payment.


CONSTANT LEARNING: We are proactive and seek opportunities to grow, we embrace failures, analyze them honestly and learn from them. We also foster openness when consider different ideas and opinions

INNOVATION: We embrace & drive positive changes. MoMoers are encouraged to think outside the box and appreciate every single idea as they can create great things.

TEAMWORK: We are working toward the same goal, treating people with respect and recognizing even the smallest contribution they made. We encourage MoMoers to understand how they can best support each other.

EXELLENCE IN EXECUTION: We are empowered to try our best to reach the goals & realize our potential, we are result-oriented and take responsibility in a positive entrepreneurship.


Employees take initiative to solve problems right on the spot by themselves. People proactively enlarge their competence and satisfaction.

At MoMo, we see failure as an opportunity to learn. MoMo always welcome different views and diverse perspectives. Each of our member in a team can quickly adapt to change. MoMo’s staff can always readily cooperate and communicate with their team and self-manage. A MoMo team leader will first observe and do a problem analysis by having peer-review to get a different angle of the problem, not only management’s perspective of it.


We offer our employees with attractive compensations and benefits such as competitive Salary, KPI Bonus, and allowance. We have recognition for achievements and dedication: Best Employees, and Long Term Services Awards. We care for our employees by having premium Health Care Packages: Medical Checkup, 24/7 Accidental Insurance, and at least 14 Annual Leaves for our employees’ refreshment. MoMo’s corporate activities mainly focus on healthy lifestyles which employees prefer to live. MoMo provides engaging activities to bring about joy and healthy balance, such as Team Building, Year End Party, Sport Activities, Entertainment Contests (Innovation Contest, Photo Contest), etc…

We also provide many learning opportunities for all staffs: English, funtional training (Product Foundation, Project Management Fundamentals, Train The Trainer…) & online training courses via. Furthermore, we offer equal job opportunities for everyone through internal referral, internal recruitment, and many promotion chances to higher positions.

Understanding the demand of talents in fintech industry, MoMo actively seeks out not only strong experienced employee but also fresher and newly graduate. While advancement in technology and living standard means that the digital talent pool is getting larger, it is still a challenge in acquiring and developing staff.

MoMo develops various career paths for our staff. Our Technology and Product Development Center houses a wide range of positions from App Developer to Data Scientist. With the vast array and deep penetration of fintech career paths, our career developing opportunities are made available to both standard employees via promotion, internal recruitment and freshers through our MoMo Talent program.


We enhance society through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities:

  • Golden Pig (Heo vàng MoMo): to raise funds for rebuilding, renovating infrastructure, buying new school equipment and facilities, and offering scholarships for financially struggling & underprivileged students.
  • Up Race: to raise funds for 3 NGOs through participating in one of the largest Vietnamese charity run events.
  • The Wall (Tường lửa): This is not only an entertainment program sponsored by MoMo but also a bridge between celebrities and the unfortunate lives, helping them overcome difficulties in life…

Through our various Corporate Social Responsibility activies, MoMo hopes to contribute to the welfare of Vietnamese people. We believe our focus in CSR activities will be critical in building a strong workforce.

When initiating these activities, MoMo strife to involve our employees, making sure that everyone is heard in the decision-making process. Thus, this internal team-effort is the spearhead in spreading the charity spirit among staff, clarifying that MoMo cares for the community. As a result, MoMo can take pride in knowing that each and every one of our staff is doing their part in making Vietnam a better place.

Furthermore, it has become one of the main considerations in MoMo business plan. We are always open to new ideas on bettering our CSR activities as well as implementing features in our mobile app that can contribute to the future of Vietnam.  


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