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Oracle established its presence in Vietnam in 1995, where it became the first American IT company to enter Vietnam after the US Trade embargo was lifted that year.  The company has since remained committed to the market, operating two offices in the country. Headquartered in Hanoi is an ultra-modern state of art technology office, while based in Ho Chi Minh City is a sophisticated branch office – both of which house Oracle’s talents with a strong mission is to help Vietnamese organizations be future-ready, transform their organizations, and unlock new insights and innovations with data.

At the heart of the company is a strong culture of innovation. As emerging technologies continue to disrupt businesses in the digital economy, Oracle champions the importance of a future-ready workforce, and as such encourages its employees to continuously evolve and pursue a lifelong journey of both personal and professional growth.

With 136,000 employees globally, the company is committed to supporting its diverse employee base with region-specific programs to best manage work and personal responsibilities.


Oracle encourages and empowers employees at all levels to engage in professional development. There are a range of initiatives and platforms that provide employees the opportunity to continuously learn and grow.

For a start, every employee has access to their personalized career roadmaps via the Oracle HCM Cloud tool, where both the employee and their managers can provide inputs on their career goals and aspirations. Through this tool, employees can also identify relevant training programs that are aligned to their respective growth plans and explore career opportunities both within and outside of their lines of business or job functions depending on their interest areas and competencies.

After reviewing employees’ feedback and keeping in line with proven HR trends, Oracle begin looking at developing a program aimed at providing employees bite-sized and easily accessible learning sessions.

In January 2019, the HR team brought Oracle Elevate, a personal and professional development program, to employees in the Vietnam office. Employees voluntarily sign up for 90-120 minutes sessions anchored around personal and professional growth that pique their interests. To inject a fun element, participation and interaction are incentivized with a points system, in which upon accumulation, allowed for prize redemption.


Employee wellness has been a key focus this year. It’s been analyzed that to provide employees with the support they need to perform at work, it goes beyond equipping them with technical skills and professional knowledge. It was imperative to relook at existing benefit policies and practices internally to ensure that employees’ overall wellness was cared for.

Health talk and awareness events was held in Oracle Vietnam offices focusing on some aspects of health and wellness such as cancer, air pollution, skin care, nutrition. We had health screening done for our employees to ensure prediction and prevention at an early stage. Engaging sharing done by external subject matter experts in the relevant field created awareness around holistic well-being and the importance of the same to excel in all areas of their lives.

Apart from occasional events and talks, Oracle aims to create a productive environment for our employees daily. A program is being crafted to enable managers to create a safe setting for employees and detect any potential mental health conditions. This is crucial for employees to feel taken care of and belonged in Oracle’s inclusive culture.


We believe that creativity comes to life when you have the freedom to be yourself and have the resources to help you do it. We support our employees2019 unique needs with:

  • Opportunities to work remotely
  • Diverse paths to leadership
  • Programs to support differing abilities
  • A collaborative culture
  • Developing female leaders: At Oracle we have initiatives that unites our employees for the empowerment of women Oracle Women’s Leadership.


The goal of the “Bring Your Kids to Work” or “Kid Day” event was to give children a glimpse of their parent’s work environment so they can better understand the kind of work they do. The event turned about to be a great engagement experience that not only gave them an understanding of their parents’ work, but also underscored the emphasis Oracle Vietnam places on work-life integration.

It was a fun-filled day where children were entertained with a magic show, balloon sculpting, and colorful face painting. The effort that went into creating this day was worthwhile when many employees expressed how thrilled their children were to see where their moms and dads go every day to work. One of the employees said, “It’s definitely more than just a day spent at work for my child. It gave my son some context about what it is that his Dad does. It introduced him to the company I work for—which is important for me as a working parent.” We have also held numerous other engagement activities such as family day, International Women’s Day, movie nights, and volunteer’s day out.


Changing lives through Education: Even though nearly 55,000 students per year enroll in information technology studies in Vietnam, the government acknowledges a shortage of skilled IT professionals in the workforce. To help address this issue, the BUILD-IT Alliance is public-private ecosystem in Vietnam that supports educational quality and development at six Vietnamese engineering and technology universities. Along with USAID and Arizona State University, Oracle Academy is a partner in the BUILD-IT Alliance and supports these Vietnamese universities in the ongoing development of industry-relevant computing courses that prepare students for careers. On July 19, 2019, Oracle Academy worked with the BUILD-IT team to organize a Faculty Day in Ho Chi Minh City. The event was attended by 18 faculty members from eight universities in and around the area, and most of attendees were new to the Oracle Academy program.

Oracle Academy Country Manager for Vietnam, Michelle Gao, along with principal instructor Jian Li, facilitated this event. They introduced Oracle Academy’s new offerings and led the educators through a ‘drill down’ so they could fully understand the Oracle Academy learning environment and free teaching resources.

The highlight of Faculty Day was a presentation by a pioneering educator at Can Tho University, Ms. Bui Dang Ha Phuong. She shared in detail how she implemented Oracle Academy’s iLearning resources into her coursework, and how the tools fit into her existing course structure and rejuvenated the learning experience for students. Ms. Phuong exemplifies the energy that ambitious faculty can bring to curriculum innovation.

Protecting Environment: In Oracle Vietnam offices, we usually turn off all the lights at noon, open all the window blinds to get the natural light, reuse one-side paper and print the documents on two sides of the paper, and our employees share a car or take a bus or ride bicycle to office. We also had a volunteer day to plant trees, joined with 4T organization and all Oracle Vietnam family members’


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